How Do You Get a Orgasm?( I'm A Girl) And How Do You Know?

How Do you get a orgasm? Because I never have one... and i don't know if i did or didn't.. i had a lota times where on earth white wet Stuff comes out but i didn't do anything but keep under surveillance videos or imgaion of sex It happends alot....

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The wet white stuff as you referred to is slightly simply a vaginal secretion. It is a natural lubrication that appears when you are arroused.A Orgasm is brought on by direct or indirect Clitoral or vaginal stimulation. If you are wanting to orgasm first piece first dont try so hard! Just relax. . Try rubbing small circles around your Clit or conceivably inserting a finger inside your vagina.Basically Try to experiment with your body. You will know what feel good. When you switch on to feel apposite your body will begin to climax.Dont be ashamed of masturbation as everyone have done it! You will know when you really orgasm.

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Thats only because it turns you on, you will know when you get past its sell-by date. trust me.

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It is just becouse u are getting sexually arouse and when this happen ur vagina lubricate by letting thiss white stuff come out. That way it is easyer for the penis to get into when ur going to have sex. An orgasim is something differen. Te symptomd swing from one person to another, and some women hold a discharge when they have an orgasim other don't!

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I thought an orgasm be when you scream during labor?

What is this?

Wooooow nearby's alot of misinterpretation in here... but an orgasm is the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the zenith of sexual excitation, resulting from stimulation of (in your case) your vagina. Basically if you keep stimulating your clit... be it have vaginal sex, getting oral, or masturbation... you will feel nature of a euphoria come over your entire body, starting from deep inside. And you'll conspicuously know when you orgasm, provided the guy, or you, know what youre doing. You'll be addicted to it once you have the experience.

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