Breast Implants. Would you do it again?

I had breast implant last summer, and since afterwards I am unhappy beside them. I'm hoping to have them redo this summer. I went from a 38C to a 40DD. They don't come across big enough. I want something that I can catch sight of. They are higher, but I'm not sure if their is plenty volume. I never thought to take a previously and after picture, but they still are not perfect. I also enjoy scar tissue build up around the right side, so One is rock rugged, and the other is natural, the road it should be. Anybody else dealing with blemish tissue? Or still seeking the perfect size? I am moderately well built, so I can verbs off a bigger chest. 5'9"170lbs, and 34. So it looks extremely proportioned to everybody else, but to me, they are still not big enough. I similar to the Anna Nicole Smith look, and she could pull it past its sell-by date, and she was also rather big. So should I do over again? Money is not an issue. Only sincere answers needed, no comedians.

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You did the surgery for you in the first place, so if your depressed, have your Dr. repeat...90% of women who get implant believe they should have go bigger. This does not make you silly, or retarded...this make you YOU. If you want bigger and Dr. says oh yeah, afterwards Do it! You go girl!!

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I'd consult a physician. You're not going to seize very literary opinions here. Personally, as far as going larger, I'd voice don't do it. That's just my judgment though. I think it's over massacre and takes away from a woman's shape and sometimes make them look heavier than they are.

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I am not trying to be indicate or judgmental when I say that you should filch a step back and reflect on about what you are asking here. You worship Anna Nicole Smith, a women who recently died a tragic infantile death and who at her best be nothing more later a flossy and a stripper.

These are not things to look up to.

2 surgery's has two tons risk to even mention, and if you are already having problems next to scar tissue why would opt to own more? Any larger and you also are in serious trouble for stern problems.

Honestly I think you obligation to just sit stern and think in the order of why you feel a involve to have huge breasts? Is it a power thing? Is it and picture thing? Because contained by all honesty you do not entail these to live your life. You should consider other safer methods to relieve yourself feel full chock-full.

I hope you make a choice that make you happy. Best of Luck!

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go bigger and do it again, then again im a guy so......

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