Average Length of Female Orgasm?

Recently a friend of mine informed me that his girlfriend typically has orgasms 2 - 3 minutes in length while my girlfriend in olden times typically had orgasms going on for 5 seconds surrounded by length. What I wonder is if there is an average length of orgasm. Also is it possible for one women to experience different length of orgasm? For example, could my girlfriend ever achieve a 3 minute orgasm or be she simply not born with such a trait?

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When I am next to a woman they usually orgasm intensely for about 5 minutes and afterwards moan softly for about 10 more minutes.

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I think it solitary lasts 30-60 second

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If she is with Bruno Sardine, Private Inbreastigator the orgasm can second up to 12 hours

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30 secs to 10 mins

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Ive never heard of race being competent to go for a few minutes at a time, that seem a bit unlikely or exaggerated. Maybe she was working up to it and included that into the time....

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that would be called a multiple orgasm....not adjectives at once but a series of them....between them all if it is done right yes they could ending that long...but not just one

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normaly from 3-5 min!!

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I don't know the answer really but from personal experience, some women have the proficiency to long orgasm and some don't Some, after they come they want to stop having sex some don't.

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About 5 secs to 10 is accurate. Your friend is confusing arousal leading to it as constituent of the orgasm.

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Does it really matter ? Why would someone want to multiply something like that ...

An orgasm is an orgasm ... Every womanly is differen't......

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it lasts roughly 5-30 seconds....2-3 min?......i don't muse so unless he has extraordinary talent......i think ur friend is lying

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I find it hard to believe (2-3 minutes). Mine usually ending 1 minute

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the average length of an orgasm is 8 inches :P

ok joke aside. orgasms vary within length, although i do doubt that any three minutes of extacy are just 1 orgasm, orgasms do rise and fall in length, not singular between persons, but also contained by one person.

it particularly much dependant of the mood.

then again, why does the lenght of an orgams issue? its usually the entensity thats important. my Best orgasms enjoy most certainly adjectives been long orgasms. infact a long orgasm could move off you wanting for more, and a short heavy one completely sate ya.

so my final answer would be:
the average lenght of a female orgasm is totally irrelevant.

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she possibly could, but the time has to be right. and for the transcription, multiple orgasms are better that one long one.

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all women are different. it depends really on the girl. most women do have different traits. some girls when the it feel like they drizzly the bed and other girls dont. so dont feel unpromising. im sure you are doing a great job

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Here's the answer to your sound out and some other interesting facts. Personally I think all along a woman's orgasm is in relation to how turned on you are. The more turned on the longer it is, the smaller number turned on the less amount of time.

Average length of time it take a woman to have an orgasm: 20 minutes. The length of the actual orgasm is anywhere from second to minutes depending on the woman and if the guy is doing his job.
Average length of time it take a man: 2-5 minutes.
- Half of girls have have an orgasm by the time they're 16 years old.
- 44% of men influence their female partner always enjoy orgasms when they have sex. 22% of women vote they always enjoy orgasms when they have sex.
- About 1% of women are competent to achieve orgasm solely through breast stimulation.
- 63% of college women enunciate they've had multiple orgasms.
- The G-spot is name after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern doctor to write about it.

Could it be?

Length vary person to entity ...
there is NO average respectively person have there own skill ....
Yes it is possible that women expierence various length and intensities ...

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Your friend is getting confused between the difference between cumming and have an orgasm.

And orgasm is gspot oriented and can noticeably last for a few minutes (from personal experience).

Cumming is the type of orgasm you hold from clitoral stimulation and normally last under a minute, or even a moment ago a few seconds.

Women's orgasms and climaxes come and go a lot, and greatly of women haven't experienced both types which is why there are plentifully of conflicting answers. They both feel great and I am sure that your girlfriend is amazingly satisfied, but you can clearly talk to her roughly it and see if you can do anything to help her realize the mark.

In my experience, it's adjectives about angles. Good luck.

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If my wife had a three minute orgasm, I'm truthfully certain her director would explode.

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I only orgasm for just about 30 seconds.. and I can't do it beside intercourse.. gotta do it all by myself!

I conjecture it just vary depending on the girl

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