I have not be able to hold an orgasm with my partner. I wwant to try to mastrubate. What are some honourable ways to do it by yourself?

Breast tenderness?

hunny try marine pressure. lay down in your hip bath and put your legs up on the wall. make sure the running dampen is hitting your area. it feel amazing. make sure the pressure isnt too knotty and the water isnt too hot/cold.

What prenatal nurture?

Why the hell would you have a partner when you are a preteen? That is disgusting. Please fully grown a little beforehand you begin any type of sexual entertainment..;...

How to lose weight around 20 pounds..?

if you have a shower massager bring it down to the nouns and set on the exact jet right river temp and it feel out of this world

Period Help!?

use a vibrator, that help you cumm the best

Can having an IUD prevent fertilized eggs from attaching or can they really prevent pregnancy?

first of all, if you're not officially recognized, don't have sex. second, masturbation is for you, by you, wether he is in attendance or not. you do it for yourself, and you feel what you similar to and dislike. what one person like may not trip your trigger. you have to experiment. singular you know what you like.

polite luck.

Why have I get a low libido?!?


Has anyone ever used the Nuva ring? does it make you gain consignment? was it successful?

use a mechanical toothbrush...simply DONT use it on ur teeth !
that wud just be gross.

but it feel sososo good.
trust mee=]

Breast sorry around that just that i only found out im preg and im just asking ? everwere?

massage your clitorous and breasts. finger yourself or use a vibrator.

How much sleep would a 19 year antiquated girl need a dark to be good for the hours of daylight?

it could be your partners reproach or you might have phimosis.

Help I enjoy lower pelvic pain?

First, take home sure u have the hours of darkness to yourself. Meaning no distratction from guests or family member. Kill the lights. Put on some porno video (i would recommend Rocco Sifredi's work) and massage your nouns. When you're aroused, use a vibrator. Don't expect an orgasm after 10 strokes.

Be patient.

I usually enjoy mine in 20 minutes.

Ladies, do you care if a man is circumsized or not?

To own one with your partner, if you own sex, get over him during sex and while you are riding him touch and rub your clitoris. The stimulation of him inside you and you touching your self should send you completely uncultivated and bring you to orgasm. This was the first course that I had an orgasm during sex and I hold passed this advice on to so heaps of my friends and they have adjectives had angelic results from it.

Be warned you can turn a bit crazy sometimes cos it feels so goo when you do it to yourself :)

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