Can you have a tubal ligation right after raw childbirth?


Does anyone know?

ever woman that i know had to hang about until after the fact that have a natural birth. i have mine done but i had a c-section. a moment ago because you get it done doesn't be set to you can never have another kid. and when you do find it done you doctor should tell you that. you still hold a chance. you do enjoy to say something months ahead they own to send stuff to the insurance company to draw from it approved and then you sign the papers you will do adjectives that before in that sent. right before you catch it done they will ask you one more time to double check.

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Yes you can, they will use laparoscopy to generate small incision right over pubic area and another by belly button. You must own already filled out quality newspaper work prior to giving birth, so they know this is not a rash decision. they will tell you or guide you as to what to write such as why you want it and you know this is a irretrievable decision etc.

Ummm help out?

I am not sure that you can. I am having one when I hold my c-sec with the twins done in a couple of weeks but thats because they'll own me open and it will be right nearby! I think beside natural they want you to treat and have your uterus vertebrae to its right size before they shift digging around in there. You might have need of to schedule it at your 6 week check up after you own the baby.

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