If a woman has HPV can they pass by it on to males? but this woman has never have an outbreak ever...?

Just an abmormal pap, that determined she had HPV approaching 3 years ago.

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yes she can pass it on to a guy (and remember, it is one of the most adjectives std's out there. its estimated that 85% of sexually moving ppl have it or own been exposed to it contained by their lives) guys are a bit lucky however, because it doesnt cause that many problems. the solely way a guy would know he have it is if he had an outbreak of wart. girls can have wart, or cervical changes. the wart are highly contagious obviously. but if the girl did not have any wart, its not likely that the guy will develop them.

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As long as the virus remains in her system, I believe she can still deliver it to some unsuspecting manly silly enough to fool around next to her.

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ABSOLUTELY can she pass the virus and you don't own to have "outbreak". Normally your body builds antibodies beside 2 years providing you have a strong immune system. If she is having a bleak pap, she most likely still have the active virus. Remember this is a skin virus and condoms don't protect you from it. 80% of the sexually influential community has have HPV at some point and time only 1 % of the MALES enjoy any kind of "outbreak" usually genital wart, but they can still pass on the virus to their partner. I hope this help you some!

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you could if it is still active within your body it is a virus that your immune system usually defeats in three years.you and your partner should get the hpv vaccine.

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