Orgasm 2??

We have tried oral, toys, lots of other stimulation. It stops basically right after i get for a while excited. Then nothing.

How Do You Know If You Are Horny?

You may want to consider asking your GYN or MD to do a blood check to determine if your hormone levels are too low; which could result contained by diminshed sexual pleasure. Also, if you are taking any meds, be sure and check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if decrease libido is a side-effect.

Help! Very curious little sister!?

You need to explore your own body to find out what make you orgasm and then you can show or enlighten your partner so they can make you orgasm. Take more time to explore your own body. Relax and merely go next to the flow. Do not stop and let things crop up. It may take a while but once you know what works for you afterwards you can help your partner be paid you orgasm.

Im so weak!! whats wrong?

I importantly recommend you to get this tips if you are married.

I have sex on 21st may my last interval was on 11th maymy cycle is of 26 days can i be pregnent when i took my pr

you have need of to relax, you're worrying too much about climaxing that it's giving you stage fright, so to speak..

freshly go next to the flow

My period individual lasted 1 daylight..why?

Try to manipulate the surroundings. Light scent candles or tuning the position of the bed. try wearing different costumes during intercourse. Prolong the fore play...Goodluck. if you feel self-conscious see your OB.

Period questionNeed Advice ASAP?

That really sucks. Just relax

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