Orgasm ??

I've been married for over a year and still no orgasm. I capture started and nothing ever go beyond a certain point. I want to hold that special bond with my husband. What can I do?

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When it comes to orgasm, woman is means of access more complicated than man. Mother nature have desinged woman in such a way that she should stay interested till the achievement of sex is over. Also, since sence of security and confidence play a huge sector in woman's arousal, Orgasm can other be a tricky thing for a woman to pull off. However, there are ways surrounded by which you can achieve orgasm.

First of adjectives, dont just undress and a moment ago let him thrust it contained by. Play for a while. Enjoy teasing him....savour getting teased. Build up an apetite for the pleasure. spice up things. Wait till your body beg for sex. Undressing, kissing, lickibg, caressing, hugging biting...Your aim should be to hold fun and enjoy the fullness of the intimacy next to your man....not getting it inside you.

Open up....Some women simply wont do that. Tell him that you like it this agency, tell him you love it when he does that. Tell him to discontinue doing that. Tell him how to do that. The best instrument for your husband to know your level of arousal is by communicating beside him. Communication need not other be vocal. Some women focus that being demanding is considered 'too bold' is nothing resembling that. Its you and he's your man, so unleash yourself.

Oral sex is very vital as well as lovely. Its difficult for a woman to reach orgasm through direct infiltration. But few women dont reach their climax if excited in words. Have him excite your clitoris with his tongue if he doesnt mind if not with his fingers atleast.

Its said that here are 4 triggers of orgasm for a woman.
Clitoral orgasm
vaginal orgasm
g-spot orgasm
anal orgasm

G-spot orgasm is different from normal vaginal orgasm but they both are all the same closely related. Gspot can easily be hit by have sex in particular rear entry positions (where he penetrated your vagina from behind) approaching doggy, spooning, or cowgirl position.
If you dont mind being adventurous, later Anal spincter itself is a place of complex nerve ending plus it shares that nerves that are connected to the vagina. But be sure to be careful around hygene if you are going for the rear.

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...maybe the sound out is what can HE do?

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No orgasm during sex...or no orgasm at all. Get a vibrator. Seriously. Or does your husband do oral?

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Have you tried oral sex. If regular intercourse doesn't do it oral or more foreplay may just be what you involve

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Try heat things up in the bedroom not the same aged lame start up foreplay for example,toys,oils, lotions and kama sutra and some times oral this should work if you need to move about seek a sex counsler or relieve

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Use your fingers on your clitoris while he is bang away. Maybe you're not doing enough foreplay. Anyway, its open your cl-it needs special attention.

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Something lik 90% of women do not orgasm through penetration so you are not at adjectives unusual. Most women only orgasm through clitorial stimulation. While you are have intercourse either hold your boyfriend stimulate your clitoris or you do it. You might even want to try using something like a silver bullet (small vibrator that looks approaching a silver egg). Have you tried oral sex? Try a vibrator with clitoral stimulation as economically.

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I devise you need more foreplay.. and relax.

Try different things until something feel really good. When it does enlighten your husband to just maintain doing that until....

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