Breastfeeding 14 month old daughter (morning and hours of darkness only) and pregnant?

I am still nursing my 14 month old daughter morning and hours of darkness. I still haven't gotten my period. I enjoy been using ovulation detector strips and on Jan. 31 I have a leutenizing hormone (LH) surge. We had sex that dark and the day after. About 6 days then I had some exceedingly light spotting that last for about 5-6 days. Now I know that you can achieve implantation bleeding if you're pregnant. As mentioned the spotting was tremendously light and did not soak through a wad at all. It basically came when I wipe after peeing. This is the first spotting of any kind of blood since when I be first pregnant almost 2 years ago! Now could this be my period coming fund? It's just a coincidence that it come after about a week of have sex. I had implantation bleeding beside my first as well but it single lasted just about 2 days then. I do quality bloated these days too. I go for a blood test on Friday and find out tomorrow if I am pregnant. What do you conjecture it is? Thanks.

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From all the research that I did during a year of trying to acquire pregnant, implantation bleeding usually happens greatly close to when you would be getting your period. If you have the LH surge on the 31st of January, then your term would be due on about the 14th of February. You have started this spotting on the 6th of February. Based on that alone I wouldn't think that you would be pregnant.

With the ovulation predictor showing that you be about to ovulate and you have sex that night and the morning after, I would speak it is very possible. That is unsurprisingly if you were have unprotected sex. So here I have to ask, are you trying to take pregnant? If so good luck, I hope it worked. I know how frustrating it is to try and try near no success.

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HEY you might be pregnant! well i hope you hear what you would close to to hear tomorrow!lol good luck!

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you can capture preggo when u start missing breast feeds. since u nurture only morn and hours of darkness u r missing feeds it could engineer u preggo if u r not this time so better use something

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I know when u cut ur feedings back ur going 2 procure ur period. so it could be ur body clich¨¦ ur getting ready for a term i nursed until my kid was 2 and when i started adjectives back i get my perod around 17 months she was

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