Should I know how to feel my breast implant through my skin?

I am 11 days post-op. I had my implant placed underneath the pectoral muscle. I am wondering if it is normal that I can touch the plastic wall of the implant through my skin? I can't be aware of this all over, it is of late along the bottom of both breasts, near the breast fold. I am posting here because I can't get my doctor, since it is the weekend.

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Yes. Most regularly, the implant is much larger than the pectoral muscle lying over it. In the places where on earth there is no muscle over top, you may know how to feel the surround. This is one of the few GOOD things about silicone versus saline. Silicone feel and often looks much more unprocessed than the saline implants. However, the bottom dash is that no matter what form of implant you seize, the breast will no longer feel or exploit like a completely unconscious breast. The best we can hope for is that it will look like one! That's why it is call "Cosmetic" surgery... it only affects how we appear.

I hold had the Mirena since May 9, be spotting since, also have never feel the strings.?

um no but i should be able too!

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Serious answers solitary!!?

Yes, you might be able to get the impression them a little bit and especially presently after surgery your breasts will feel different and even once you are fully heal, you'll still feel resembling you have implant. If that's all that's worrying you, later just achieve some rest and call your doctor on Monday!

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Yes---You should be able to surface them. I asked my doctor the same request for information after I had my implant. Kinda freaked me out at first. It feels really strange that you can move them around too. Be prepared for that. And your right....Mostly at the bottom is where on earth you can feel them most. Dont verbs!

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