Missed Periods and HPV?

I am a guy in need of awareness of women's health...so take on with me.

My girlfriend lately ended our 3 year relationship on the grounds that I cheated on her. Just to clear that up, I did not.

She have a patsmear (spelling?) in early February and she get her results back this week. They come back ABNORMAL and have a explanation that she needs to seize another p-smear or get a HPV tryout.

She automatically assumed that I cheated on her and gave her HPV. I can see where on earth she is coming from since we are in a long distance relationship - but here is where her denial of understand and commonsense comes in play.

Her younger sister (16 yrs old) be over a month late beside her period. It finally come right around the time it should have come for the subsequent months. The following month, my girlfriend had the exact same entry happen. Her spell was a month in arrears.

To me that just seem a little too ironic. Is something else going on, or do they both hold HPV? Can HPV be transmitted other than sex?

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Missed period can happen due to stress or other from the heart issues.
HPV has an indefinite incubation time, so you could own gotten it from a previous partner and it could just immediately be showing up. It can lay dormant for several years. Same goes for your partner - she could own gotten infected from a previous relationship, be carrying the virus, and have given it to you. Once you are infected near HPV, you will probably carry the virus for life span. Remember you can spread the virus when you have distinct warts and you may know how to spread the virus when no warts are marked.

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HPV is sexually transmitted only. There are several strains, and a few are coupled to causing cervical cancer. Generally, Pap smears are the best bearing of detecting abnormal cell before a woman develops cancer. HPV can be detected from a routine Pap smear by looking for the DNA of the virus. Younger women commonly enjoy irregular periods (even up to 5 years after their length starts), so your girlfriend's sister is probably normal. If she have been sexually alive, she could indeed have HPV also. She should see a gynecologist if she is sexually moving and be tested for STD's including HPV. Lots of people hold HPV and don't know it, as it doesn't always explanation genital warts. You might want to see your doctor and ask him/her in the order of it as well.

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I wouldn't spring to the conclusion that both of them have HPV, it's possible, but that would not explain the lateness of their period. More than likely, stress is what front to your ex's period man late. A break-up isn't assured to get through, especially if she believes cheating be involved (even if it really wasn't).

As for the HPV part, within is no way to speak for sure how (or from who) she got it, but it is an STD so that's the one and only thing you know for sure. A woman can own HPV for a long time and never know it because there regularly are not any symptoms. HPV is the most adjectives STD (1 out of every 4 women have it) and because most women do not know they own it, it can be spread over time (even years). The only to detect HPV is to bring a pap-smear once a year. It's very possible that one year, your pap-smear will be everyday and the next year it's not, but that does not necessarily that she get the HPV during that year...she could have have it for years. It is also very predictable that she does not have HPV. Typically an uncharacteristic pap-smear does mean HPV is credible, but until she has another try-out done, it's not a definite. Hope this help.

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HPV and missed period are two totally different things. one would not cause the other. and also, simply becausee she had one uncharacteristic pap smear and the doc suggested she get an hpv check doesnt mean she have it. it depends on the pap results. sometimes they are the lowest level of abnormality and its a moment ago a fluke that goes away. if it IS HPV she cannot automatically blame it on you. i dont know her, or your sexual history but if she have it it could have come from anyone at anytime. its so adjectives that its estimated that 1 in 4 women btw ages 18-59 own it. theres now a vaccine for it. its nought severe. if she keeps getting regular pap smears zilch bad should develop. cervical cancer is the worst thing that could come to pass but if that were to develop it develops over many years. paps hold control of that so any abnormal cell can be removed very hasty on. and then then again hpv has be known to regress or completely dissapear after a few years. its zilch to worry something like. yeah it could cause wart but if im not mistaken only a few of the hundred strands of hpv are agreed to cause wart.

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