Stress and late term?

i had a anxiety attack and be a little stressed a couple of weeks ago.presently my period is 4 days unpaid.i was wondering could this be possible that my interval is late because of that or i might be pregnant.i haven't be feeling stressed lately.i don't own any pregnancy symptoms besides being 4 days behind.i'm scared of taking a pregnancy try-out because we have be trying for over 6 years now.i've taken oral exam before and they other came out glum.don't really know what to think.i don't want to infer i'm pregnant because if i get my spell i will be so disapointed.anyway i was purely wondering.

Whats wrong with me ?

stress can fashion yoru period unpunctually yes
panic attacks effect populace in different ways im other having them but one-sidedly they have never made me belated but stress can play a big part surrounded by it.
take at try-out at 7 days maybe :) apt luck

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It is definitely possible that stress would glitch your period. Chronic stress works havoc near your menstrual cycle, especially. So first things first--relax as much as you can. When you're over a week late, run a pregnancy test. I hope you are pregnant, but if you're not, remember--all things in honest time.

Serious question!?

you might be going through the menopause.its depends what is your age you better go to see your gp

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