Info just about HPV?

Can HPV cause women to go and get more bacterial infections or yeast infections?

Feeling dizzy and lightheated.?

Not that I have ever hear of. some strands cause different things though... some strands can impose warts/cervical cancer others only basis one or the other and some no symptoms at all. There are currently over 100 different strands of HPV so anything is possible. However it is most feasible a different source that is causeing it. After getting one cleared up study what you eat, drink, how you wipe... ect. Some foods may aid in a yeast infection and if you can pin point it later you may be able to avoid them better. Wipeing the wrong bearing (back to front) can cause microbes to get surrounded by places you don't want it! Your or a guys dirty hand can aid this as capably, getting bacteria within places you want to avoid getting it. Make sure you are cleaning your area resourcefully too getting in all the nook and what not.There is also just the possiblility that you are prone to them more after others. It is always best to ask your doctor for suggestion more personalized for you. Hope you can get it lower than control! Good luck!

Is there something wrong near me?

I haven't heard that specific relationship. Diet absolutely can though.

If a woman loses weight does her breast size halt?

I have never of hear of this. There are so many forms of HPV that it's possible. I read that if you enjoy HPV that actually cause genital warts, consequently it's not the same strand that cause cervical cancer. So, there are tons different types. Bacterial infections I would say have nothing to do near HPV.

How long will it take to enjoy my strech marks gone?

No. The considerable majority of women never know they're infected until they either enjoy external symptoms in the form of venereal wart or they have an atypical pap smear result.

Yeast infections are typically caused by hormonal imbalance or douching or dietary complications or a lack of cleanliness.

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