Any vitamins or herbal remedies for menstrual cramps?

I am 26 and have massively clotty very sensitive periods... I hold a friend who mentioned taking calcium or something to help. Anyone know anything around this or any other supplements that can help?

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it is major that when you take vitamins you purloin 100% natural vitamins. if you appropriate vitamins that are synthetic you get the risk of developing stones in your kidney. so check if the calcium you want to steal is natural. also, it is vital to take data that some minerals need complementary minerals for them to be held properly by the body. natural supplements hold this however synthetic ones do not. these are those that say they are 100% vitamin this or that. these are not as protected as natural brands because you win the risk of having some contents not properly engrossed by the body. this will only attach to your agony later on. one of the ingredients that might sustain your pain is omega 3 fatty acids. this component usually help in minimizing inflammation and it's effects. this will relieve alleviate the pain you have a feeling, because pain primarily is a manifestation of something swelling in your body. my friends who are experiencing the same anguish as you are (they cannot sleep when they have these pains and they find it knotty to get out of the house too) are taking intuitive omega 3 supplements, and after less than an hour of taking it, they really perceive much better and some say that the distress is not actually feel anymore. i can point you to the link if want to know more. do email me at

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hot lemon tea should comfort.

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some lavender roast bags that you pop surrounded by the mircowave and put on your abdomen provides me really successful relief otherwise i enjoy to have some naprogesic from the chemist

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first of adjectives do not sit home and act sick because you'll surface the pain even worse, run out and enjoy your everyday day try to forget almost the period that's the most accommodating tip that has worked on me and adjectives my friends that know me.
Second, do not take anything cold, run warm stuff. Instead of dampen try to drink tea or warm wet. No ice cream for the first and second afternoon. That will help you abundantly. Also apples and bananas will make it worse.

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Calcium can help. There's one remedy that help me every time but it'll probably be too strong or gross for most people. You catch ginger, cut it up in slices (5 or 6 thin slices will do) and put it contained by water. Boil the river and add a touch bit of brown sugar to get support ease it down. Drink it when it's still hot. Remember to also get through fruits and vegetables with abundantly of iron (like apple) in it to replenish your body. You can other exercise more and that'll help regulate and smooth the cramps.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea works well. You can buy it surrounded by a Health Food Shop or in tea daypack form in your supermarket

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the very clotty is a authentic concern for some women, especially if you are on birth control.

There is a blood disorder.. Factor V (five) Leiden (pronounced) Liiiden.. causes the blood to clot too much.. clotty period is a reason to win checked for it. It's a simple blood test.. but one that they own to specifically test for.

But try some lemon tea.. for some.. peppermint tea works better.
stoke up on leafy green veggies, and potassium

Hi here wonder if u can help?

dear asker try this drink that my dear mom other make for this caring of situation :
make a tea of for a while of fenugreek (optionally but works wonders!) peppermint and thyme (of course you boil all these ingredients in water!) and believe me you will consistency great after that!
good luck

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