What would a morning after pill do to a guy?

I'm just curious, it's not approaching I took them or anything...

How does sex for a female feel for the first time?

im thinking unless you have a unnoticed uterus and you're pregnant, it wouldnt do anything..lol..it might have some side effects though....but im seriously thinking you shouldnt try taking it..lol

Is it possible for women to gain hairy palms and later go blind?

He might grow breasts.

Does it thing if you take the pill on your first hours of daylight or that Sunday of?

Thats wat i said 5 min before he posted it!

Lost virginity, have bleeding during the sex, not alot. Whats the symptoms after losing it?

You'd probably get seriously nauseated and throw up. Other than that, nought. Unless you took them all the time, surrounded by which case you could grow yourself a great set of man boobs.

At what age do ethnic group stop getting Acne?

i have see this happen by mistake,it is really a tragedy the character taking it will never be able to find an erection again. please be careful when taking medication there are drugs also a woman shouldnt touch because it can cause functional problems surrounded by their bodies.

Best facewash/care system for teens.?

the same thing that happen if a woman takes viagra or rogaine or something resembling that.
they get messed up.

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