Is it possible for a virgin to get cervical cancer? How plausible is it?


Can a girl get pregnant?

Anyone next to a cervix can get cervical cancer...individual a virgin doesn't eliminate the risk, a moment ago reduces it.

Talk to your doc in the order of your risk level if you are concerned...

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I don't know the answer to that, but I am all for the foreign vaccine that they have out. It sure will hide away alot of lives. I can't believe all the parents who are complaining that their girls might HAVE to appropriate it. Why wouldn't you want your child to be protected from a life-taking disease.

I have vaginal chaff?

I'm not sure about how possible you are to get cervical cancer. You can enjoy Cervical cancer and not be sexually active (or ever have had sex). HPV (the virus that cause SOME types of cervical cancer) has a unmarked vaccine called Gardasil and it's used to protect women from particular types of HPV that cause cancer. You can read up on it on the association below.

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I craving they would have made that vaccine sooner. :|

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