Does anyone know a good mode to reduce menstrual cramps short taking meds?


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Sit ups. Honestly they really work. You may not want to get out of bed (cause thats how discouraging my cramps are) but I do two sets of 50 crunches or situps and it really does work well. Heating pad do too, but this has a long occupancy effect. For me - not long after the heating wad was rotten - the cramps were put money on!

*And of course, afterwards a chocolate reward is due for hardwork. haha


Breathing techniques.

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A hot hose down bottle.
( old fashioned, but a godsend! )

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put a heat pad on ur stomach... lug a warm shower or hip bath....

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go to sleep

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bananas work

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just break down and take a midol or aleve (naproxen sodium 220mg). its much resembling advil.

they are both very secure and very significant (for a healthy, young-looking, non-pregnant woman).

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a heat pad!

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I've hear you should drink A LOT of water and that staying involved helps :o) and they do for me...

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yes guzzle chocolate like a hershy public house my wife swears on it

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One of my friends said that the road to get rid of cramps is to pinch you upper lip. Try it, it may in recent times work?

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Exercise even though you don't be aware of like it. It releases chemicals that lend a hand with your torment.

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Oddly you can reduce them relatively a bit by laying past its sell-by date caffeine. This would be from Soda and chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.

Eliminate your intake of as much caffeine as possible all month long to be successful...not a short time ago a couple days before.

Tell me what you suggest?

Try increasing your intake of dairy products. Sometimes cramps are caused by low calcium and ingestion more dairy, especially milk may improve them.

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Drinking lots and lots of water, a heat pad, and physical pursuit can help trim down menstrual cramps. Hope this helped :)

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My sister swears by pressing your stomach against a hot dryer to relieve mentrual cramps. Try it. Let us know what you think.

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If you don't enjoy a heating wad at the moment, try to lay down in the featle position (knees up against your chest). This can sometime alliviate the affliction.

Drink some very thaw cammomile tea. This will help heat up your stomach as well. cammomile relaxes you.

Beath within deeply from your stomach, not your d¨Ścolletage musles. Do about 5 big breaths. repeat as obligatory.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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I agree near TamTam..i bought one which came surrounded by this really cute knit bag, and i luv it

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Go to the health food store and buy yourself some 00 or 000 gelatin capsule. While there, pick up a bottle of ground ginger. Go home and sit down at the table, put a pile of the ground ginger in a small bowl and proceed to dipper the ginger into the capsules and close them up. With practice the process get fairly swift and easy. When done, consume several of the capsule. Use as needed. The worst problem you may encounter if you take to tons is gas that smells like ginger snaps. Not really that unpromising. Keep the bottle full of filled medication for later menstruals. You won't have need of to take them for long respectively month because they work fast and ably.

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