Is This Stress Or Something Else?

I am a panter and a mother..i have not have any me time for 1yr and 6 months(since i've been near my patner)..and i have not have any time time just near me and my patner for about 6 months(since my babe-in-arms boy was born)
I dont quality stressed out..but i feel tired..i have a feeling like i stipulation and deserve a break for atleast a weekend.
I feel tired..i get hold of random headache..random stomach pains..and i've hear that if your stressed out your periods can become different..all right mine sometimes are light..sometimes really shadowy and stuff..and i want to know if all this is due to person stressed out or something more serious..? i want to get your opinion before i opt to go to a doctor and seize myself checked out. thank you.

Am I normal?

I can recognize your concerns as I've been a mother of 4 for days gone by 16 years. Very tiring job. I regard it sounds like stress and probably exceptionally normal. If you verbs to have the stomach pains and irregular period you could discuss it with your GP at your subsequent visit to rule out any nasties. A swift blood test will check for anything that may be a concern similar to diabetes or thyroid problems. Good Luck.

Why do people devise menarpores is't a big deal?

It sounds approaching you're pretty stressed! I've also heard that period can become irregular when under stress -- it happen to me when I was a bit younger.

You always deserve to enjoy some time to yourself. You need to put your mental robustness FIRST for a while!! It never hurts to get checked out by a doctor, any. If you're feeling mainly strange or stressed, it might not be a bad view to try counselling. It would probably feel great to seize some things off your chest. It sounds similar to you might bottle up some emotions?

There are types of birth control that can regulate period. If you're not planning on having anymore babies for a while, this might be an resort your doctor would explore with you.

Good luck :)

Any solutions?

Hi, Congradulations on your tot by the way. It can be immensely stressful for you to balance a relationship and a toddler at the same time. I do recomend that you see a doctor newly to be on the safe time. I also recomend that you find a babysitter for at most minuscule one day. You can progress and have your nail done , hair or possibly even visit a spa. If you are not competent to afford that maybe you can hold a picnic by yourself. Go to a park and just spend some "me time on your own. You are with the sole purpose human and it is normal to quality that way. Don't verbs you will be fine.

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