Possible Cervical Cancer - No Insurance!?

Help! My last pap they found un middle-of-the-road cells that could be or turn into cancer and they referred me to a gynocologists. That be a few months ago. I don't have any insurance. I call the other day and nobody desires to see me until I do get the insurance. What should I do?Where do I carry this insurance at? Has anybody ever had a not run of the mill pap? Did it turn out to be cancer? Where do I get insurance? Im 22 and own a job but they don't proposal insurance. If it is cancer, Ill need to own other medical care.

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You enjoy a couple of choices, either look for an individual
insurance, or my simple card.
In shield of insurance, be sure to answer questions
truthfully when you are asked.
Second choice would be to look into the MySimpleCard
political leanings. They will not reject you and they will help you
on the subject of other medical care.

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Cervical cancer is a malignancy of the cervix. It may present beside vaginal bleeding but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is surrounded by its advanced stages, which has made cervical cancer the focus of intense screening hard work utilizing the Pap smear. Most scientific studies hold found that human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is responsible for virtually all cases of cervical cancer. Treatment consists of surgery (including local excision) in early stages and chemotherapy and radiotherapy contained by advanced stages of the disease. An effective HPV vaccine against the two most adjectives cancer-causing strains of HPV has only just been licenced surrounded by the US (see Vaccine section, below). These two HPV strains together are responsible for approximately 70% of adjectives cervical cancers.

Signs and symptoms
The untimely stages of cervical cancer may be completely asymptomatic (Canavan & Doshi, 2000). Vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding or (rarely) a vaginal mass may indicate the presence of malignancy. Also, moderate pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge are symptoms of cervical cancer. In advanced disease, metastases may be present in the tummy, lungs or elsewhere.

Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include: Loss of appetite, Weight loss, Fatigue, Pelvic pain, Back distress, Leg pain, Single swollen leg, Heavy bleeding from the vagina, Leaking of urine or feces from the vagina, and Bone fractures

The possibility to identify premalignant change on a cervical smear has made screening the foremost cause for referral of women beside possible cervical neoplasia. In many countries, women are advise to have a regular Pap smear to check for premalignant change. Recommendations for how often a Pap smear should be done alter from once a year to once every five years. If cervical cancer is detected early, it can be treated minus impairing fertility. Consistently impressive smears may be a reason for further diagnosis despite complete malingering of symptoms.

Diagnosis is made by doing a biopsy of the cervix, which often involves colposcopy, or a magnified optical inspection of the cervix aided by using an acetic acid (e.g. vinegar) solution to give emphasis to abnormal cell on the surface of the cervix (the portio). A Pap smear is insufficient for the diagnosis. Many researchers recommend that since more than 99% of invasive cervical cancers worldwide contain human papillomavirus, HPV trialling should be carried out together with routine cervical screening (Walboomers et al, 1999). However, given the prevalence of HPV (around 80% infection history among the sexually alive population) others suggest that routine HPV testing would rationale undue alarm to carriers.

Further diagnostic procedures are loop electrical excision procedure (LEEP) and conisation, within which the inner lining of the cervix is removed to be examined pathologically. These are carried out if the biopsy confirms severe dysplasia.

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I'm a nurse. I'm sorry to hear this, you obligation the care right away. I would step to the county and ask for assistance for medical insurance. These problems like cancer is best when treated precipitate. I would ask them for any free or sliding fee clinics that can relief with you. Also the clinic have many phone numbers for relatives like you who involve insurance, ask them. That's a shame that the world is like this. I am also a Christian and I will be praying for you. Take thinking and I wish you adjectives the best.

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all over the world, cervical cancer among women is increasing.
you own to have another doctor's evaluation. as to the insurance,
go to your nearest department of vigour or to the women's help
desk and inquuire about it. do the earliest possible you can.

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My friend have cervical cancer and they have a hospital contained by most states that have programs that pay cheque for everything. She just go and filled out the paperwork they needed. Everything be took care of and shes fine only get to it right away. Call United way. 211 here.

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you can try welfare. if you are not aproved you can go to a clinic close by your area.you can attain the number from a hospital. or look in the phone book. at hand are women clinics and they will take you within. I have be going to one for years. my paps are never been commonplace its some thing they dont know why but they never find any point. but you need to gain checked. if you need assist out there and no insurance here are places you can go. you simply may have to sort alot of phone calls. apt luck

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I hold been contained by the same situation earlier. Go to the health department where on earth you live. They will do the cryosurgery or culposcopy that you need to acquire the bad cell off of your cervix and foot the cost on your income. You can pay within payments. It's not hard and you won't hav to verbs about it. You wil enjoy to have a PAP every 3 months at first to see if the cell are gone, then every 6 months, next finally back to every year. They will do these exams also base on your income. You'll probably need to win the Medicaid to do it because now that you've be diagnosed you have a pre-existing condition and seriously (not all) insurances that you may try to puchase now won't cover a pre-existing condition. If you enjoy a boyfriend, husband or parents with honourable insurance from a good company, they possibly could add you to an insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. I have no problems with Medicaid and the Health Department.


all these above answers are devout, but you could also call planned fatherliness and see if they cover the kind of medical meticulousness you need.

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When you don’t have money to take the care you want:



Hill Burton Hotline
(1-800-492-0359 in Maryland)
In 1946, Congress passed a law that give hospitals, nursing homes and other health services grants and loans for construction and modernization. In return, they agreed to provide a justifiable volume of services to persons unqualified to pay and to construct their services available to all folks residing in the facility’s area. The program stopped providing funds in 1997, but in the order of 300 health meticulousness facilities general are still obligated to provide free or reduced-cost care.
Steps to Apply for Hill-Burton Free or reduced-cost Care
1.Find the Hill-Burton obligated facility nearest you from the enumerate of Hill-Burton obligated facilities.
2.Go to the facility's admission or business office and ask for a copy of the Hill-Burton Individual Notice. The Individual Notice will make clear to you what income level make you eligible for free or reduced-cost care, what services might be covered, and exactly where on earth in the facility to apply.
3.Go to the department listed within the Individual Notice and say you want to apply for Hill-Burton free or reduced-cost fastidiousness. You may need to teem out a form.
4.Gather any other required documents (such as a pay stub to prove income eligibility) and bear or send them to the obligated facility.
5.If you are asked to apply for Medicaid, Medicare, or some other financial assistance program, you must do so.
6.When you return the completed application, ask for a Determination of Eligibility. Check the Individual Notice to see how much time the facility have before it must communicate you whether or not you will receive free or reduced-cost care.
More something like Hill-Burton Free or Reduced-Cost Care
You are eligible to apply for Hill-Burton free care if your income is at or below the current HHS Poverty Guidelines. You may be eligible for Hill-Burton reduced-cost assistance if your income is as much as two times (triple for nursing home care) the HHS Poverty Guidelines.
Care at a Hill-Burton obligated facility is not automatically free or reduced-cost. You must apply at the admissions or business organization at the obligated facility and be found eligible to receive free or reduced-cost care. You may apply in the past or after you receive care -- you may even apply after a bill have been sent to a collection agency.
Some Hill-Burton services may use different eligibility standards and procedures.
Hill-Burton facilities must post a sign within their admissions and business office and emergency room that says: NOTICE - Medical Care for Those Who Cannot Afford to Pay, and they must provide you near a written Individual Notice that lists the types of services eligible for Hill-Burton free or reduced-cost safekeeping, what income level qualify for free or reduced-cost care and how long the facility may pocket in determining an applicant's eligibility.
Only facility costs are covered, not your private doctors' bills. Facilities may require you to provide documentation that verify your eligibility, such as proof of income.
Hill-Burton facilities must provide a specific amount of free or reduced cost strictness each year, but can stop once they enjoy given that amount. Obligated facilities publish an Allocation Plan surrounded by the local newspaper respectively year. The Allocation Plan includes the income criteria and the types of services it intends to provide at no cost or below cost. It also specifies the amount of free or reduced cost services it will provide for the year.
When you apply for Hill-Burton care, the obligated facility must provide you beside a written statement that tells you what free or reduced-cost fastidiousness services you will get or why you own been denied.
The facility may deny your request if
·Your income is more than the income specified in the Allocation Plan.
·The facility have given out its required amount of free care as specified within its Allocation Plan.
·The services you requested or received are not covered in the facility's Allocation Plan.
·The services you requested or received are to be salaried by a governmental program such as Medicare/Medicaid or insurance.
·The facility asked you to apply for Medicare/Medicaid or other governmental program, and you did not.
·You did not give the facility proof of your income, such as a pay envelope stub.
You may file a complaint near the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services if you believe you have be unfairly denied Hill-Burton free or reduced-cost thought. Your complaint must be in writing and can be a letter that simply states the facts and date concerning the complaint. You may call your local decriminalized aid services for help within filing a complaint.
Where can I travel to get free or reduced-cost prenatal protection?
You can call this number if you involve free birth control help, too!
Women contained by every state can get aid to pay for medical nurture during their pregnancies. This prenatal care can back you have a hearty baby. Every state surrounded by the United States has a program to support. Programs give medical thoroughness, information, advice and other services defining for a healthy pregnancy.
To find out more or less the program in your state:
·Call 1-800-311-BABY (1-800-311-2229) This toll-free receiver number will connect you to the Health Department in your nouns code
·For information in Spanish, call 1-800-504-7081
·Call or contact your local Health Department.

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