Ovarian Cysts & Birth Control?

Ok...so my OB/GYN put me on birth control to reduce the size of my ovarian cyst, which be HUGE! I was away at academy and ran out of my 3 month supply and could not catch back home to procure up to the office to draw from another pack to hold me off until I go to my appointment. So I was on it for 3 months and enjoy been stale for a month. The cyst is still there and is outstandingly tender right now. Is it possible that I didn't enjoy my period this month because of the cyst and not have the birth control?

P.S. No possibility of pregnancy.

serious question for females solely?

Yes and Yes,
Birth control pills, for most people, tend to engineer you very regular, this is because you are getting a set dose of hormones on a regular principle. Going off the pill will form your system have to reregulate itself. You may be late or impulsive or spotty. You still need to catch back to the doctor. If the pills haven't help the cyst, he will look to other options to oblige you. Ovarian cysts are a nuisance, ovarian cancer can be terminal.

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