Protection Failed...what should I do now?

My boyfriend and I always protect ourselves.. ALWAYS! I don't rob pills or anything because I can't for my health. We have sex like almost the subsequent day after my length...the condom broke or slipped...and he ejaculat*d inside. What am I going to's been 5 days in a minute. Am going to get pregnant? please. what are my probability?? I am ready for a babe but this wasn't planned. help! also Im other regular...28 days

oh its too late for plab B

how can i stick to a diet?

Look, it happen too me some too. DONT worry too much in the order of it .. just keep on too see if you get your length this month. just dont judge about human being pregnant too much because then you will trick yourself into have pregnancy symptoms! .. Everything will work as planned! .. Everything happens for a root .. and if you arnt pregnant .. then newly try too be more careful subsequent time! .. Might want too get checked for STDS too .. you never know .. powerfully goodluck with everything!

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