How do you feel about an 18 yr old getting breast implants?


My last spell was the closing week of feb. and i have on the other hand to have one this month. could i be pregnant?

You're kinda young at heart. Your breasts may even grow more. I say, lurk until you are 21.

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I vote she should wait, since a woman's breasts can preserve growing into her 20s.

What could be wrong?

Don't do it

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If it make them happy next goforit

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to young at heart to know what she doing to here body but hey shes 18 what can u do

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id say dont do it .. from the 12 words you wrote you appear like a nice honest soul and it you did get them I along next to many others would concider you copy .. and if you dont care what I consider then thats not the travel case because its other peoples views that are driving you to this dicision

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bad Idea unless you work as a stripper

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Your breasts keep developing until you are around 19 or 20 years old. It's not not dangerous to get them at your age. Keep within mind also that you're talking roughly speaking a major surgery. It's a big do business and not something to take delicately. And you are going to go through a lot of change in the subsequent several years of your life, so you might consistency differently about breast implant in a year or two. I would keep on a while.

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i think itz really STUPID to acquire breast implants at the age of 18! i have it in mind yeah who doesn't want big boobs but that iz stupid to get them at the age of 18 cuz what if u be to get fund problems after the surgey then ur suck w! so if u draw from them ur mite be in troulbe

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i had one done when i be 18. My breasts were totally screwed up. It made me more confident in the order of myself. If you are doing it to just enjoy large beast, dont do it. but if its to make you more confident surrounded by yourself! go for it! i love mine!! :)

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it's your business not a soul elses.

you are grown and able to do what you want.

if it make you happier and gives you more self-esteem.

i say aloud GO FOR IT!!..

good luck!


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It would be worthy if you could wait. My boobs grew a cup size contained by my 20s, even when the rest of me had already finished growing.. You'll be more concerned in the order of firmness than size as you get elder, trust me.

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