for over a week now i enjoy had a horrible burning sinsation around my ceserean queue and down near my departed ovary. I had my ceserean over 2 years ago and i havnt ever have a problem with it. My period arent regular and i bleed during mid cycle. I cant really afford to go to the doc so i go to the er and they didnt even bring it up but they also said my oavaries looked fine. But i know something isnt right. If it is endometriosis its not a threat to my life is it? anybody near advice please facilitate!

I know I talk abundantly of bollocks, but can someone answer this for me seriously?

Endometriosis can cause deeply of problems when it comes to complications when it attaches to organs like the colon but a dr who is experienced beside removal of the disease in adjectives areas can improve the unpredictability at relief from the throbbing of this disease for years at a time. If left untreated it could make happen a lot of complications. It's also not unusual for women with endometriosis to enjoy other health issues going on at like time.

Because of your periods person irregular it could be other hormone imbalances such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. To swot up more about PCOS check out: http://www.pcosupport.org

To cram more about endometriosis check out: http://www.endocenter.org

You mentioned in the order of having a c-section, if you do indeed own endometriosis it could be sitting in that old incision.

Because of the situation next to money and going to the dr check with your city's robustness dept to see if they offer a free clinic that offer gynecologic services. If not there check to see if in that is a Medical School close by that might be of some help to you.

That site I timetabled above will also give you other other info for resources in your area such as a support group if nearby is one.

As for life threatening it could possibly be so if the lesion turn cancerous but that is massively rare.

PCOS, amenorrhea and provera?

I hold not had the surgery to recount for sure I have endometriosis, but my ultimate doc and this one suspect it. I am on very strong birth control for my hormone level but also to help beside the horrible cramping I get. My period even while on birth control, are irregular. Sometimes I will cramp and bleed 3 weeks out of the month, sometimes hardly cramp at adjectives and bleed one day or lately cramp-it is crazy! Intercourse can be painful at times and so is going poop. {They suspect my endometriosis is down by my rectum.} I enjoy never heard of endometriosis contained by a ceserean, but I am not a doctor. It sounds like something else to me so you do involve to see a doctor. Some work out payment plans, but please bring seen earlier the problem becomes worse.

Havnt have periods?

I own had endometriosis since four months after my c-section beside my oldest. It can be diagnosed by a simple out-patient surgery called a laporascopy. My doctor say its can affect everything from your bowels to you female organs to your digestive tract. I hold even had to hold my appendix removed because of it. Most times you will start to notice the backache during ovulation, depending on your cycle, is usually about 9-12 days after your length. You will have "off" period some months normal other months belated or not at all. How they treat it is by using hormone suppressants resembling Lupron, usually after surgery and about 3 months. Endometriosis have no known cure, and despite of what I own read it has no age boundaries. When I be first diagnosed I was 16 and have had gotten an infection in my c-section site, the infection go away but the pain never did. My suggestion is to see a Dr. as soon as possible. steps can be taken to alleviate he symptoms.

Does a pap smear hurt or it is above all uncomfortable?

I enjoy endometriosis, have have it for 11 years and this doesn't sound anything similar to it. Go to a clinic.

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