My period is a month late.. I had a tubal ligation 8 months ago?

Please tell me here is some other reason for anyone late after a tubal next being pregnant.. My extent has come on time every month since i get "fixed" except this past month, it basically never showed up?

Last night?

Do yourself a HUGE favor and seize a home pregnancy test. It will any confirm your worst fear or will put your mind at luxury.

Just be aware that NO METHOD...even a tubal or vasectomy is 100% effective.

Sorry I couldn't extend a more comforting answer.

Tampon question?

you should walk to your doctor and find out what is worng.

Stomachaches, or maybe even the Di.. word?

there are different types of tubal ligations next to different levels of affectiveness...might not hurt to steal a test a moment ago in covering... best of wishes

Full abdominal hysterectomy/should i still be in pain?

this could be serious clutch a pregnancy test if its positive jump to the emergency room you may have a tubal pregnancy it can execute you .it is very insecure if you have a tubal the babe will not live but you must take nurture of does happen.honest luck.

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