Cervical Cancer?

I was diagnosed near moderate to severe cervical dysplasia. They are going to do the LEEP procedure but can't get me within for a month to do so. I am so worried it will turn into cervical cancer and they won't be able to treat it. Does anyone know the unpredictability in this? Also, I own been getting a brown discharge and I don't know if this is cause by the cervical dysplasia or not and I keep getting bacterial infections or something that cause me to smell the same as it would if I enjoy a bacterial infection. I am so frustrated..any suggestions? Anyone know what this is?

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I am an RN and work in an operating room.
If your dysplasia be life threatening consequently you would not have to lurk a month or so. Dysplasia means the cell have undergone some change which if left can become malignant (cancer). It medium the potential is there for this to develop.

The smell and discharge sounds like bacterial vaginitis. There is where on earth the normal and advantageous bacteria contained by your vagina get out of symmetry and some of the bad ones bear over. It does not mean you enjoy a full on infection. There is a product called
Eco Vag which are tablets available over the counter that can help to restore the middle-of-the-road bacteria level. These are recommended by our Family PLanning Womens Health Clinics in Australia.

I would still have it checked out if you are concerned and if it get worse just for peace of mind.

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Go to your regular doc and obtain the discharge checked out to be sure you don't have an infection. The dysplasia will not turn into cancer in smaller amount than a month so just be glad they caught it surrounded by time.

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