Girls...does running minimize menstrual cramps?

and is it safe even on the first afternoon you start??
thanks for your time enjoy a great weekend!

Please i really need a answer?

Exercise resembling running helps to minimize cramps but I do not suggest that you do strenuous exercise on the first time.Mild exercise that includes bending the hip joints may serve to minimize cramps.

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Exercise in general help, and is completely safe. I found crunches/sit-ups help me too.

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Don't know the technical answer, but from my experience, it help AND SOOOOO much.
The real reality to me is that is stimulates adjectives your circulatory system, tehrefore thing shift smoother.
ANNNNNDDDDDDD, lst but not least, IT IMPROVES YOUR STAMINA, GOOD MOOD GIRL! It frees your mind.
Just be sure to be drinking balanced, ample proteins, bananas, and drinking water. To compliment adjectives you loose.
Also, alfterwards, have a Gatorade.
Try it, really.

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personally, I run everyday& it have never helped my cramps. but I usually munch through like a banana or somethin` when I own cramps.

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yea i find it really helps cramps... i run almost everyday and since i begin running i haven't had cramps at all
for some ancestors it may not help as much...but it is worth a try
any other exercise will minister to a lot too!

p.s. it is clearly safe

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