Thoughts of disappoint?

I'm so sad my ex boyfriend and i have sex on march 14,2007 and two weeks after that i have these signs of human being pregnant. but im not pregnant it is so much worse than that. he gave pid (Pelvic inflammatory disease.) im so sick right very soon . i gonna tell him but i don't know how to recount him i want him to feel unpromising about this . if i would hold waited two more weeks to pocket a pregnancy test i could own died form this . im happy i cought this precipitate . but why do i feel similar to im the bad personage and why do i feel approaching sh*t? i have lone have have sex with one personage. this pid is very serious and i have need of some thoughts on how to tell my ex going on for what he gave me . thank you adjectives for your info and advice.

how can you relate if a friend is secretly jelous of you /envys you?

There is merely one way to recount him, straight out.Why are you worried about his emotional state? It could have be worse it could have be AIDS.Evidently you were not his solitary partner, so tell him and report to him tom go to the Dr.If I be you I would definitely never enjoy unprotected sex ever again and find a man to have it next to.He put your life and vigour at risk, drop the dud.Hope you get better and find a well-mannered guy that practices safe sex...

I enjoy pimples on my chest area..plz backing..?

if i'm not mistaken isn't PID associated with a serious STD

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