BY using condom for oral sex can we get HIV?

I have fillipino girlfriend.i dont know her much.i did her question paper for HIV 1&2 and for VDRL and RPR from laboratory.Both tests be negative.after 2 days i put condom and she did oral sex for me.Next day i start discern little pain within penis.This way can i infected near any STD or HIV??Wht happens if she is infected up to that time 20 days having sex near anybody else.and it does not show this time by test.can i draw from infexted from her this way.i m worried nearly HIV..Or this is only my doubt as i m tremendously conservative and double minded person.Please abet me out.

Have you ever been underneath the knife?

If you be wearing a condom while she was performing oral sex, I outstandingly doubt you contracted HIV from her or an STD. She would be more likely to contract it from you within this situation, and even then, it is outstandingly unlikely unless the condom was broken.

I hope this help you.

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Latex condoms do very all right at blocking the HIV virus. Was she tested for herpes? Has she had a cold sore break out a few days after the contact?

It is not credible that you contracted anything while having oral beside a condom. You could just own some other type of general infection. Consult a physician for proper diagnosis.

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