Menopause help?

ever since i started having menopause symptoms i a short time ago dont feel joyous about anything anymore-I indicate like things i used to look so forward to and quality excited and happy -like read out vacations-dinner at a fav place etc-shopping!
I mean i do these things and its not close to i am depressed-i just cant appear to get that jolly feeling over anything-its crazy-is this common?is it even from menopause-?anyone had this happen-please insist on!thank you

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sounds normal to me. I took St John's Wort for the moods. or black cohosh is fitting, too. it will pass eventually.

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I would collaborate to a Gynecologist for a start. I never had that going thru Menopause

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yes yes yes !! im 37 in rash menopause and i am soooo out of character! i can`t stand it! i take B-complex B6 black cohosh melatonin and st.johns wort every morning and it have helped ALOT also check out this site i found! it have allllll the answers we need around it, i swear by it!

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hi, i suggest that you don't do medication during menopause. try some holistic methods. for the next three months, stop ingestion meats, processed foods and foods next to preservatives. Eat lots of fruit. Drink lots of water but trade name it purified water or distilled marine. stay away from dairy products. drink soy milk, it's good. Stay away from stroke water. Don't use caffiene and guzzle brown rice (alot) instead of white rice. when you cook your foods that need fluid, like beans, greens and cabbage, use vegetable broth and not river. there are plenty of meatless receipes that are devout. look them up. you won't go hungry. if you can't run meatless for seven days, then every seventh time take a break and put away and drink what you like and start over the subsequent day. Look up the words ''daniel fast" this is what i'm speaking around. you might also want to get a colonic. they run around 100 bucks in some areas. this will verbs your system out from all toxic dissipate that has polluted your system for a long time. 'poop' is suppose to float and not settle. if you do the above, it will float. and you will discern better and lighter. try this method for the next 3 months and agree to me know how you feel. i devise you will be happy beside this approach. and also, make time for yourself, by yourself.

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Menopause is a stage in energy when a woman stops having her monthly extent.It is a normal element of aging, marking the finish off of a woman's reproductive years.Good nutrition will help straightforwardness the symptoms of menopause by supplying a changing body beside the nutrients necessary for optimal strength throughout this transitional phase.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause requests 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of saline to reduce bloating associated beside hormonal changes. More information and remedies at

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