Menstrual Cramps?

Is there anything colloquial that i can use for bad length cramps. I am tired of taking ibuprofen which works only sometimes anyway. I am into intuitive stuff and would really appreciate some suggestions on natural stomach-ache remedies. Thanks!

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Sweetie,dont invest in those medications especially for this.There are a quantity of things that you can do yourself,to calm cramps.First past its sell-by date,purchase a heating wipe,you can also get "heat patches".These are your best buy if you are very live.Which leads me to my subsequent suggestion,become more active.Despite how you may not grain like going to the gym or for a work out,explicitly something that can help steady cramps.Cutting out your caffine intake can also help control them.There are those days when you are not going to consistency like doing anything,and i.e. ok.Purchase a heating wad,your favorite magazine,and lounge around all sunshine.Cramps are horrible for some females,myself included.So,that one day is economically deserved.Good luck hun,and have a apt day!

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Have you tried the steam pads ?
they stick to your tummy and thaw out for up to 8 hours they are really good and you cannot see them through your clothing, you can take them from most chemists

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To get really crude, lifestyle can affect menstrual symptoms. Are you sleeping and eating in good health, exercising reasonably, and keeping stress well-managed? These are long residence ways you may be able to shrink your cramps.

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you can try for pills MIDOL or TYLENOL or you can also try a fry pad

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A heating wad helps, also exercising (bicycling is good), and hot tea. A untaught herb for pain is willow yap.

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make a blend of 2 drops each of juniper berry, geranium and clary sage within 5ml of sweet almond carrier grease and gently rub at the lower tummy and sacrum(the v part at the underside of spine) before and during your menstruation to relieve the tensed muscles which result in cramps and strain.

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Just enjoy a cuppa...

It always works for me. Its the steam I think.
Plus its tea, you can't spank it, especially with a biscuit

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