What kind of sleeping aids could I take since I'm pregnant?


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Lavender essential oil is CERTAINLY not not dangerous in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy & this is confirmed as a no jump situation by anyone knowledgeable within the art of aromatherapy. There are many oil that should be avoided.
However, here are some nice natural things that will help out you sleep:
Try to make the concluding meal of the afternoon a carbohydrate based one - potatoes or pasta. These starchy foods can hold a slightly soporific effect. Eating carbohydrate rich foods before sleep encourage the brain to produce seratonin which can reduce anxiety and develop the quality of sleep.
Seratonin is made from a constituent of protein call tryptophan, so include more foods such as fish, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, avocados. bananas & wheat germ in your diet. Bananas are particularly suitable.
Eat more lettuce as it contains a natural anaesthetic lactucarium which encourages deeper sleep.
Meditation is adjectives as it helps you clear the mind. If you have a feeling you are worrying about anything, find a path of dealing with the anxiety - maybe a counsellor if it is serious enough.
Yoga might be a adjectives way of helping you to relax.
Good luck beside the pregnancy & hope you have quiet & restful nights soon.

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Oh no, does sleeping head to HIV ??

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I reflect on you should go to a registered pharmacist for this one. You do not want to end in any unnessecary harm to you unborn child near people giving you mistaken answers.

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You should drop by your GP or pharmacist to get something which is suitable - they may suggest other remedies, not only sleeping pills.

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A couple of drops of lavender essential grease on your pillow at night might minister to

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No medication of any sort should me used contained by pregnancy unless it is ESSENTIAL to the health of the mother or foetus.

Normally I would suggest lavender grease, but even its safety contained by pregnancy is not established.

So just relax and hold a warm milky drink.

Good luck in your pregnancy.

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if you are not leeping take thaw out milk with honey,until that time bedtime.and avoid coffee.try it work.

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Hi congrats on your pregancy thhe only tthing i can suggest is a nice reheat drink before bed their is not much more you can do i take what you going through i been through it twice or hold a nice warm shower not too melt before bed

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