Has anyone(famale) had a bad experience with breast implants?


I had a c-section 10 months ago and i havent have a period -no i am not pregnant ! why are my period not here?

Not personally, but I remember a Glam our article where on earth a women was have terrible fatigue and tender only 6 months after getting breast implant. Turns out they'd become moldy and she had to hold them removed- you should've seen the accompanying picture of these spray black implants that be inside her. Ugh!

Need help here! wat exercises should we do to gain a well-toned body?

no but I'm going to get my implant soon!!

I'm having a hysterectomy done contained by a few weeks, will I gain weight or lose it after the surgery?

I hold had 2 breast augmentations (went bigger the 2nd time) and own had no problems. I worked for the plastic surgeon and can enlighten you that major problems such as rupture be extremely rare. In 3 years that I worked at hand I know of 1 patient near saline implants that one ruptured and a handful of patients near silicone implants that be put it over 15 yrs ago had problems. The benefits definately outweighted the risks for me!

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