Should 12 year old girls get the vaccine for HPV? If so why?


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Not unless they are have sex...

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A girl should achieve the vaccine before she decide to have intercourse whenever that is to say.

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I hate this adjectives HPV thing to be exact going on. Drug companies are treating HPV like it is a NEW entity. HPV has be around FOREVER. Basically HPV is a type of genital wart/HERPES that effects your cervix. If untreated it could turn into cancer. Any type of STD could do this. The only piece you need to do is generate your partner wear a condom..EVERYTIME!

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I seriously don't think they should. I be going to, this is basicly saying "alright we've eliminate a couple of STDs you can get so move about off and enjoy your will be kids!" but that's not true. 12 year old girls shouldn't requirement this now, possibly when they turn 16, but not 12. Also, the prices on those shots are doctor wanted me to grasp one and my mom said no it was too expensive and I didn't call for it yet.

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I consider they should--maybe not now but soon. It'll be mandatory eventually basically like the Hepatitis shot, measles, and adjectives the other shots they make us embezzle!!

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i dont i connote do that and you pretty much catorgerize everuy girl twelve and up as a t r a m p

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well let be realistic by getting the shot your not wise saying OK at 12 you can have sex but surrounded by reality girls as young at heart as 12 are having sex beside out protection and parents knowledge if getting a shot at 12 can prevent a girl from then developing cancer i say return with it, as far as how expensive it is ask how much it will cost in 15 yrs to treat the cancer that could hold been prevented verse the price of the shot. but i do believe it should be a choice not made mandatory for if we allow them to make it mandatory after they take away our rights this is the topography of the free ,freedom means choice regardless,of our personal beliefs.

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This inoculation seems to be highly misunderstood.

HPV of some form is present in greater than 70% of the full-size population.

Human Papiloma Virus is unique and is not equal as herpes.

HPV has copious strains - of which only a few are implicated contained by cervical cancer.

HPV is the ONLY sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer.

Prior to PAP smears - cervical cancer (HPV) be a very actual risk of causing release in women. Since the PAP smear the rate of cervical cancer hold greatly diminished but is still far from zero.

This inoculation does nothing to protect a woman from any other STD - including HIV, herpes, chlmydia, gonorrhea, and different other infectious diseases.

Condoms impart safer sex but do not entirely protect participants from STDs - especially for nouns of herpes.

Talk to any woman who has have a LEEP or a colposcopy and ask her if she wished that she have been vacinated for HPV - or even worse, women who are still dying from cervical cancer. Look at the respondant's answer below mine...and later ask yourself - if it were possible to avoid the risk of such a unbearable disease, why wouldn't you?

So yes, the girls should get the vaccine - at age 12. It have nothing to do near their readiness for sex, a bit as all vaccines are designed to do - it treats a being to prevent them from ever getting a potentially awful disease well past they are liable to actually be at risk for it.

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This vaccine can recover thousands of lives of U.S. women alone. It's a vaccine to prevent a virus that CAN lead to cancer in some women. It's an amazing entry, and I'd like to see general public focus more on the CANCER prevention than the sexual (or not.) implications.

To that finish, boys should be immunized also. (Who do you give attention to gives the virus to the girls, anyway?)

Let me share ya, if this were an shot against PENIS cancer, it would be MANDATORY, with much smaller amount discussion about whether THEY would own sex or not. The very same groups that are against this vaccine are also against sex schooling. Think about it. Denial is a powerful force. Powerful adequate to make some ethnic group think that a freakin' VACCINE is tantamount to person a tramp.

So perhaps watching your child suffer from cervical cancer is somehow easier to facade than the fact that childish people own sex?! Are you kidding me?

I developed cervical cancer at 26. Not just did it almost kill me next, but the following 24 years have cost me a hip, a bladder, and a portion of my colon. Now I cannot RUN, can't even hold a step without spasm, have a colostomy AND a urostomy. All that from radiation lay waste to. At 26, I had have ONE SINGLE SEX PARTNER, my husband, and he gave me HPV. Cancer does not distinguish between "good" relatives and "bad". It's a killer.

Patients resembling me contributed to the development of the HPV vaccine. PLEASE don't label it be for nothing. Believe me, if in attendance had be a SHOT available to prevent the terrible suffering I go through, and millions like me, I'd hold been the first contained by line.

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Well in Australia, we are getting a free vaccine (12 year olds and I think teenagers...not 100% sure though) to protect us against cervical cancer(same vaccine I regard as..not too sure though). It's relatively knew I give attention to. I am 16 and I'm getting it in April 2007 (oh no...I just remembered it's in close proximity the end of March already)...oh resourcefully...vaccinations are no big business deal...I get a flu inoculation every year...

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