What have your experiences with fibromyalgia been like?

I'm going to try to get pregnant outstandingly soon, though my OB is concerned she says I'll be fine...it's more AFTER the little one comes that the pain and fatigue really concern her.

What are your expeiriences? Do you work? Did your work take in if you needed to cut back? (Mine permit me go PT but told me that FM is a "myth" and I want a better diagnosis)

Have you had a little one? What was pregnancy, transference and post partum like near fibromyalgia?

My girlfriend wants me to pee on her. Is that common ?

Well, I had it. Went through it adjectives in college from stress and what they thought be polyRhumatism. FM sucks and it is hard to attain a true diagnosis because there isn't a interview. Don't let ANYONE enlighten you it is in your leader. It isn't...it is real. I would sleep (when I would sleep) next to my arms curled up and into my body. A simple touch sensitive test where on earth the doc would touch pressure points would have me on the floor.

To gain everything under control, I be on anti Malaria drugs. Sounds bad, but it wasn't and it help. I also started exercising and cut out caffeine at night. I am not 100% cured, only much better than before. I shift through phases of it being angelic and bad.

Fast forward to my pregnancy...I be pretty good throughout both. Uneventful. I be late and induced beside the first ending surrounded by c-section and planned c with the second.

Taking safekeeping of the baby be a little tougher because of the c-sections. The second tot even tougher because of lack of sleep...and that make FM flare up more. I was need my wrist braces again to sleep some nights.

What help was kind back rubs from the hubby and lots of PM comfort with the babies.

YOU CAN HAVE A BABY and own FM. You can survive. Just make sure you enjoy lots of support and if you feel resembling you just don't hold the energy, nickname someone in to comfort. Nap when the baby nap (worked great when I had my first).

If you own any other questions...email, I could address about it for hours!

GOOD LUCK! Hang within there!

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I'm 33 years hoary and I've had FMS for in the order of 10 years. I read in several different articles that my FMS dull pain and fatigue would either stir away while I was pregnant or intensify for the duration of my pregnancy. After reading that, I contracted to not have children. (Of course, I never really required children to begin near.) There are days during my period when the simply way I can function at work is to pilfer Vicodin and Flexeril because OI hurt and cramp so bad. If to be exact how pregnancy would feel for me, I'll outdo. Best of luck to you though. I don't know any other women who developed FMS early adequate to still be in their child-bearing years. All the women I know that own it are either contained by or past menopause. I hope you are competent to find someone who has be in your shoes and can comfort.

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