My Mom has Cervical Cancer?

Her cancer has spread to her stomach and is implicit on of her kidneys. She is undergoing 6 week radiation and chemo treatments at the moment. She is constantly sick and tired. The doctors lately changed her nausea pills and now she is doing rather better. She is not as sick as she used to be.

My mom's sister is in the hospital very soon undergoing surgery for a brain aneurysm. My mom requirements to visit her at the hospital, but I don't deduce it's a good impression because of the hospital germs, etc. The hospital is an hour away from us in NYC. What do you guys regard as? I am so stressed out over everything that is going on. The doctor's speak my mom has a 3% randomness of surviving this.

Is this true?

Wow, what a tough decision near horriable circumstances. If it were me, I would opt which is more important to her. If the surgery is over and your aunt is doing fine, afterwards no, I wouldnt take her. Hospitals are extremely germy and the chemo has disappeared her with no immune system. But however, if she desires to see her before the surgery (and if within is time) then I would prolly hold her to see her for a few short mins. Your mom just desires to keep her sister silent im sure, and wants her to know shes in attendance for her.
Consult her doctor before you do anything, reguardless of what mode of answers you get on here.
Good luck to you and I aspiration the best health possiable for your family connections.

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If she's on radiation and chemo, she'll probably have a lowered white cell count, and thus be more prone to infections. It seem like most oncologists suggest that chemo patients try and avoid floppy out with sick citizens... but she should ask her doctor.

I know this must be rough on you and your mom. Just try and take polite care of yourself as capably as her... being a caregiver can be outstandingly emotionally difficult.

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Your mother's case is fundamentally, very uncommon, and I am so sorry that this happened to her. These days, cases of cervical cancer that result contained by death are singular, mostly due to screening procedures like paps, and better sex coaching. People now take to mean that HPV, a STD, causes cervical cancer. Further, nation now think through that by wearing condoms, limiting sex partners, etc, HPV can be prevented, or at most minuscule detected through paps.

I would ask your doctor if it is good to progress to NYC or not. Personally, I would probably go to see my sister for what could drastically well be the later time. I personally don't chew over that your mother will be in any risk beside the germs at the hospital (I imagine that she already spends greatly of time at hospitals), and the hospital in NYC shouldn't be too much different.

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