HElp Increase my Sex Drive?

Hey, How can i increase my sex drive, i've noticed that my sex drive is not common. I barely ever own an urge. And when i do try to have sex i start to hurt... even though i still have an orgasism. Can it be possible, my partner is going on for 9 inch long i'm not exageratting.. can this be a problem? any help suggestion.... i'm 21

Help beside a problem after sex?

Some people a short time ago arent sex finatics. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. I never think almost sex. I could go a long time minus having sex and it wouldnt bother me a bit. The simply time I think something like sex is when my husband gets me aroused. Some women only need plentifully of foreplay to get aroused.

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do things that will make you horny

If your wife/girlfriend doesn't want you to donate her oral sex, should you try and convince her to reconsider?

how roughly your not interested , physcologically? or even chemistry isnt there close to you thought? or even so is he rough? also your well human being has alot to do next to your sex drive. try going with out it for in the region of `2 days then see what happen. after you answered all the question above . then it could be your not attracted to him approaching you think you are...

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Usually women will try to use Viagra to increase their sex drive. Here's an article in the order of women and Viagra that'll be of help to you.

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watch some porn!!
haha, no i'm serious, i've agreed people who looked-for to have sex, but of late wasn't finding themselves aroused enough til they watch some other people going at it.
espically if you are ttc, it can't hurt. (plus i've also read this article around 'competition sperm' , that if you and your man watch porn together he may own a higher sperm count.. i don't know.. )
also, try not to regard as to hard more or less it.
thinking too hard going on for "being contained by the mood" can ruin it.
the more relaxed, and the more turned on you are, the easier it is to take ... everything.. .in

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