Liposuction & Breast Implants in Columbia? Anyone know of a good Dr there?

I have a couple of friends who said they get a lot of lipo and breast implant for very cheap surrounded by columbia. Anyone know of the cost or a good dr over near? I heard they pop in my current city to give estimates. Please tolerate me know

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Are you crazy, do you not watch the word and all the horror stories of nation going out of the states to get plastic surgery?

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I agree near the first answerer.

You've got to accord with passport fees, doctor fees, hospital fees, the drugs they grant you, who knows how sterile they are.

You should not be flying for at lowest possible a month after surgery.

Also there is the post operation checkups.

And who know if something goes wrong you may not know how to get compensation from some doctor contained by another country.

I would really reconsider going to another country for any type of surgery.

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