Is every woman mood change when their menstruation cycle comes?

My wife become angry and her mood changed suddenly when her menstruation cycle comes, is this normal for every woman or not?

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Unfortunatly is not run of the mill, but common, is because a hormone increase during those days. There are some treatments that she could bring back like antidepresants or birth control pills that assistance with it, but if she realice specifically a problem, she could control it with out medication. But for presently be patient. Hope it help. Good luck!

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most women have this problem. contained by some it gets so desperate they have to step on meds!

I'm not sure what's going on?

Most woman do PMS or have mood swings when its that time of the month. I know some who bring "happy pills" to prevent that, but they solitary work sometimes. When your menstuation cycle comes, its causes your hormones to shift crazy and thats what causes mood swings.

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Not every woman has this but lots do. You probley would too if you be all achy, and humiliated! Haha, but sometimes it's not so bad.

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With the discomfort of having to run to the toilet every hour or so as in good health as getting cramps, headaches and outlook nauseous, not to mention have to carry extra pad / tampons as well as the problem of finding a verbs toilet (if travelling), how do you expect your normally sweet and smiling wife to behave during this spell of the month?

Some women suffered servere camps till they cold sweat and have to go on medication. Others have to forgo their favorite pastime close to swimming or other sports. There are also mild ones who just simply clamp up and snub to talk much.

So if your wife is have "that time of the month", please be patient, perception and tolerant to her. If she wants to be disappeared alone, please gave her peace and silent (cos she could be having migraine attacks).

If she in recent times want to be held or cuddle, give her some hugs and comforts. She will appreciate it and be put a bet on to her normal self quicker.

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Not necessarily, I mean not adjectives women go through one and the same thing respectively month with near periods. Some own no mood swings and others can have extreme mood and intense changes develop. Have her try midol or something like that. If it bothers her later she can talk to her OB/ GYN in the order of some treatments for her PMS.

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