What is the fast cure for blisters that occur durning first stages of breastfeeding?

the blisters are not getting worst just not uplifting very nifty. How can i speed up the healing?

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nouns, rubbing breastmilk into them, repositining the baby to achive proper latch and lanolin!

I poked holes in my roomate's condoms?

lotion near a high percentage of lanolin, thats what i other used. i cant give u a product designation because it was something my doc give me and i dont remember what it was call. im sure if u talk to your doc or beckon your local la leche league, they can tell u

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There are lotions you can buy specifically for breastfeeding, (ones that aren't destructive to baby), you could try alternating pumping and breastfeeding, to give your breasts a hit and miss to heal.

Worth it?

they give me some breast feeding lotion to use thats the merely thing i know that help..good luck

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