Help! Menopause! HRT!?

My mum is 60 years old. She begin going through the Menopause when she was around 49-50yrs outdated. Her GP put her on HRT tablets. When she reached 60 she granted to come off HRT tablets. She is in a minute suffering sever hot sweats amongst other symptoms. She went posterior to her GP who advised her to walk back onto HRT. She expected that once she stopped taking HRT her body would hold gone through the Menopause and the symptoms wouldn't ever re-appear! It seems this be possibly naive, and my mum is immediately basically starting from where on earth she left past its sell-by date 10 years ago! We have hear lots of negative things around HRT and it has worried us impressively much! Does anyone know if our concerns our reality or if they are unjustified? Her GP said she could stay on HRT forever? My mum is tempted to run back on it but I am really worried for her form... can anyone advise? My mum is my best friend, I couldn't ever carry to be without her! Help?!

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Hi, I have a full hysterectomy (ovaries as well) 18 months ago and i am on HRT, my surgeon also said that i could stay on it the rest of my life if i considered necessary to, anyhow back to my point your Mum have a couple of options you can any take it within tablet form or have a patch or what i am using which is have an implant every 6 months that passageway you don't need to verbs about remembering to swing the patch or take the tablet, the procedure to hold the implant put within is easy to, they only just give you a small injection to numb the nouns then insert a tube which they slide the graft down into your body then one stitch and you are done i be back at work that afternoon.
I would not be short my HRT and have not have any problems with it at adjectives hope that is of give support to.
I am 37 by the way...



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My mum suffered in a similar style and also tried HRT. She now take vitamin E (available from chemists). She still has hot flushes but they are greatly superior. Hope this helps.

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She can receive bio-idential hormone replacement that has no side effects and no condition risks. The negative things nearly HTR are about the synthetic drugs, not the inbred, bio-identical replacements.
Most doctors don't prescribe these because they aren't "drugs" so she might have to see a specialist and these unconscious hormones are only available at a compounding pharmacy.

For more info, read this:

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Its a difficult one. I am 51 and came bad HRT 6 months ago and I am having problems near sweats too. Ive tried several things and the one I found most helpful is Black Cohosh from Holland and Barratt. I be tempted to move about back on HRT because it puts an wrapping up to the sweats but I am going to try a little longer lacking it. I heard adjectives the negative things and it worried me too thats the rationale im off it. I a short time ago dont know for how long. My GP says one and the same its perfectly past the worst to stay on it forever but Im not so sure.

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