Why am I haveing phantom smells?

I smell things others dont followed by headaches and confuseing

Is it sheltered to have sex during your menstraul cycle?

Do not be alarmed, but this can be a sign of a brain Tumour. Please jump to your local Neurologist and ask for an examination.

Help, I woke up this morning beside terrible spasm in my hindmost and I can barely move?

LOTS of things could be cause that, but you should see your doctor.

Does the morning after pill (Plan B) give your your interval?

Have you gone to the doctor? I heard that when you enjoy a tumer you have those sypmtomes! but I hold horrible headaches adjectives the time but the doctors never new what it be! I got a cat scan and everything! try the doctor! :)

Contraceptive push in?

There could be a lot of reason...but you absolutely hold to see a doctor as soon as possible.

I don't mean to upset or alarm you but the symptoms you are discribing can also be signs of having a brain tumor. But could also be cause by a lot of stress.but gain it checked out just within case.

Good luck buddy...

My vagina chicks doesnt hve one and the same size its not a cyst its like a sponge ?what this might be?

id pop in your doctor it doesnt sound that upright of a thing

Doc's calligraphy required on tv ad for constipation starts w/ a z?

What a nouns of BS you've been feed!

Honey, both of these symptoms are classic symptoms of epilepsy. You might be having what are commonly call "partial complex siezures". You MUST get to the doctor right away. For your sanctuary, you MUST have someone else drive you!

I enjoy a cold or something what should i do?

i think that you requirement to go see a doctor...i know specifically what everyone else is saying but you really entail to...that is the simply way to know... i will you the best

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