Everyday we read lot of things about HIV/aids.why our pharmaceutical co.can not find women friendlycondom?

when i visited tribal nouns near dist.valsad citizens told me that tribal womens of this region use bitter neem effectively as contraceptive they also use reetha as lubricant.they said this harmless & minus any side effect.in this country when men are still refuse to use any kind of condom.this concerned of codom provide women community safety,lacking side effect &value for money.pl,phramacutical co.&doctors put your hands together.rescue women community from harm.

How much time requirement to make happy to a women in an intercourse?

Uk company make female condom and its ring femidom in west we money around 4 doller/each in india you procure it for around 1.5 dollers. Femidom was introduced in india nearly 4 years wager on. Spartan

Clear brownish vaginal discharge and small blood clots could this be a miscarriage?- help please!?

But India have a high and rising rate of adjectives types of STI's, and in precise of AIDS. These may work for contraception, but they don't seem to bestow disease protection.

There are a few problems here. First, as we saw a few months ago in the report, condom manufacturers aren't taking into information men need different sizes of condoms. The ones that are to hand in India come across not be be suitable surrounded by terms of size.

Second, in that is a female condom, but it's expensive, even surrounded by the west. They run about $5 or so, US.

But the single biggest problem is that in far too abundant cultures and in far too various families lacking that cultural bias, women are seen as second class at best, and are not empower to make their own decision and ot act on their own behalf.

I take to mean your question and extraordinarily much appreciate your sentiment, but the real solution is the one that solves the third problem.

is it true that alot of girls get the impression self concious about themselves?

Now women friendly condems are available presently 50rs per condems

My question is roughly speaking yeast infectionscan drinking too many cokes and no marine cause this?

female condome is available surrounded by India also but women have so much power she can pressurise the men for use of condome

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