Why do leftist liberal liars hate America?


Should I wear a thong?

They are the biggest terrorist threat to America.

Question about period?

Ha ha! Not that you are biased or anything...

Should I start shaving my legs?


another p.m.s. question?

This is a pretty ballsy press to post in the "womens health" partition, given the right's persistent goings-on to undermine women's vigour and women's rights in America.

Take your ridiculous bait somewhere else.

Is there any path a woman can grow back pubic fleece?

wrong section

why do u think adjectives liberals hate america?

expect about that :D

Mirena iud ,still bleeding after two months?

I suppose America have always be a land of opportunity ...
In its hasty development as an independent state community it
developed unimpaired sense for freedom and democracy,
Washington, Adams and other "fathers"of the nation be greatly influenced by contemporary revolutionary changes,
remarkably in France...In this context, one might influence USA were as much liberal and "left"if you approaching as no other country at that time...Unfortunately terms "left" and "right"politics are of no relevance today...The world have proved it depends on money ( investments of capital ) and as we adjectives know money makes the world run round ! Leftist liberal liars, as you justly call them build their political possessions on premise : actual conservative American policy has no support amongst the nation, hence the time has come to show an alternative...as we adjectives know, that's
just another slump and delusion...

pleae answer my press!?

Probably because all Right Conservative Morons don't know anything outside of America.

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