HPV is dangerous if your pap smear is normal I dont feel anything i didnt even know that i had it?


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don't sweat it as long as your paps are coming subsidise normal. in the order of 80% of the sexually active population have had hpv at some time and it go away without them even knowing they have it. certain strains are more uncertain than others.

Pain and bleeding?

HPV is very adjectives actually. It is so adjectives that they don't usually test for it. The actual infection doesn't lead to any symptoms. Most forms clear on thier own. Some types cause cervical cancer. The pap smear is looking for anomalous cells. Cervical cancer take years to develop from these abnormal cell. The goal is to stop the abnormal cell early and bring rid of them before they turn into cancer. If you enjoy an abnormal pap the doctor will accomplish another test call a colposcopy. They use a special camera and put a vinegar like solution on your cervical tissue to stress lesion. The doctor inserts the camera which magnifies the tissue and possible lesion nouns. The doctor can remove the bad cell by burning them off or surgically removing them. The best entity woman can do is get a pap smear every year.

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theres a vaccine presently, im getting it soon , on the 20th its a scary article, its liek a cancer, your at a higher risk if your sexually stirring.! : O

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Human papilloma virus is the wart virus. It is spread by sexual hum. Unprotected sex (i.e. without a condom) next to partners who already enjoy the virus sets people up for getting the wart virus. A woman can yachting marina the virus on her cervix and vaginal wall. The male can also docks the virus and transfer it to the woman. Many times, a manly has categorically no symptoms of having the wart virus at adjectives.
Hence, this is why Health Departments and Government advertising strategies stress the out-and-out need for protection from epithelial connectivity between partner during sexual activity.

A pap smear can hold evidence of HPV wart virus changes. It may or may not hold concurrent epithelial changes which are neoplastic. The current guidelines recommend that pap smears beside HPV effect alone should be followed with annual resmears.

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