What are fibroids?

saw people mentioning them on this board, be wondering what they were? and treatments, etc? gratitude!

Help me! WHats happening to me?> is it serious?

Fibroid tumors are tumors found surrounded by a woman's uterus. They are caused by Estrogen and not adjectives women get them. They are non-cancerous and the solely successful treatment is a hysterectomy. They do not normally exact too many problems and are usually missed within normal exams. They are found when a woman is have her annual exam and the doctor feels a lump. Fibroids can raison d`¨ētre the uterus to become too large and the woman may own severe bleeding once a month which can cause anemia. They can remove the fibroids minus hysterectomy but they will regrow. Also, they go away when a woman go through menopause and their estrogen production is reduced. They will sometimes become severe during pregnancy when a woman's estrogen production is at its highest.

Answer me pls.?

It is uterine tumors. it is benign tumors of utrine muscles.
they are usually not harmfull but better to find treatment by removal of them.

Can anyone tell me why I own lower abdominal pain after intercourse?

Benign tumors in the uterus. Nearly everyone have them to some extent. The more you have or the bigger they are, the more throbbing they are. But they are benign and don't require any treatment.

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