A procedure connected to a tubal ligation where they scar your uterus so you don't menstrate?

I'm 21 years old and own always set I wanted to adopt instead of pass birth. I've thought for a long time about a tubal ligation. Before in a minute no doc. ever has taken me seriously. (too young) Recently I've hear of a way, while they are surrounded by there, they defacement your uterus so it closes together and you don't have your time of year anymore. That would be amazing! I was on Depo for a long time because it get rid of it. I had to quit because it made me sick. I own a hard time dealing near mentral issues. So, does anyone know about this contemporary thing? And can you impart me info. web sites...any design? Thank you!

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The procedure you are talking just about is called endometrial ablation where on earth they burn the lining of the uterus but resembling with what you be told about tubal ligation no dr would be of a mind to do this on you because of your age and the fact that you may make over your mind later. Women own been agreed to get pregnant next to this procedure. It's not something that happens beside regularity (meaning common) but it has be known to take place.

The thing you have need of to do right now is try to digit out what is causing the problems near your period so that it can be treated appropriately.

Please as many responses as possible would be appreciated?

Have you tried birth control pills? That can support lighten your period and even decrease itchy periods...

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I've never hear of that procedure. There's no doctor that would perform a tubal ligation on you because of your age and no children. You might revision your mind down the road about have kids. There's nothing wrong near wanting to adopt kids, but it's also nice to have at lowest possible 1 child of your own. Good luck and really think firm about adjectives of this.

What is it..?

why do u want to adopt when u dont have any motherly state of mind.. Y dont u think of removing uterus(hysterctomy) adjectives together

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I suspect you're thinking of "Endometrial Ablation". In that procedure, the endometrium (the lining of your uterus) is destroyed, using any a laser beam, warmth, freezing, or electrical current. The lining heal by scarring, and most women get any less menstruation, or none at adjectives.

I don't have a specific website for you: I'm not instinctively too familiar beside the procedure. But you can google it, and there's abundantly of info out there. Your doc may not carry out it, even if they are okay with doing a tubal on someone your age, of late because it is not all that adjectives... and younger women tend to have smaller number good results than elder women.

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