Orgasm question?

My boyfriend and I have be seeing each other for going on for 2 months and we have sex resembling all the time, but i dont conquer the full orgasmic experiance everytime. How can i achive this without letting him know that i dont adjectives the time?

Question regarding Sterilisation.?

Fake it really well-mannered. Have you seen the movie When Harry Met Sally?

How do you know when.?

Have him try different stuff.

How come some women can be a really headache in the hole?

Finger yourself formerly you do it so you do reach orgasm. I don't know.

i'm pregnant and i be wanting to know if your water is colored if it breaks for a while at a time?

most girls dont have an orgasim through intercouse.its mostly through masterbation...i would own him do some forplay to you so you can acheive an orgasim

How much protien should a thirteen year old girl be drinking i weigh like 105 pounds?

Suggest other option,faster,slower,you being jockey,more foreplay, Eventually,you'll both find the just the thing position. Experimentation,is part of the fun

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Guys already know we don't explode every time. If he doesn't know, he's basically a kid. Sit on top of him, lean spinal column, and play with yourself, while he's inside of you. You'll do the crucial work, to get the living done, and he'll think it's beyond invented to see you playing with yourself...DO NOT SAY "I NEED to do this, because I can't near just you doing it" that would crush him, lately help yourself!

Why within 7th grade are girls any really skinny or really fat?

Umm...First, you NEED to be honest near him. I am going to guess your very young-looking. To have a REAL worthwhile sexual relationship, you must be 100% honest and open next to eachother.

Being the wonderful sexual partner that I am, I can tell you that you probably have need of more forepaly, oral sex and he needs to cart his time. It's much harder for many women to bring about argasm than men. Many men, especially young men, don't know what it take to "please" a woman and the fact that so frequent women feel the requirement to hide this from their man, make it that much worse.

TALK TO HIM, DERNIT! if he's not man enough to listen, dump him.

When a girl requirements to know the size of a guys penis does she look at his feet?

It's better to be honest beside him, it should be effort from you two, he requirements to learn procrastination as powerfully as fore play, try let him for example lick your body. Let him lick the spot later as you are about to come drizzly and aroused, let him contained by. Try other things such as kinky attitude during sex.

Lips down there?

Experiment near you on top. Very effective! :)

What does it be a sign of when your period is tardy and you know your not pregnant?

get on top of the dude while he's lay down and then rock forward and towards the back ALOT!! AND FAST AS YOU CAN! when you do this while moving backwards your cleat will rub on his dick and you will reach the greatest orgasm you will ever get hold of

Answer Quickly! Urgent!?

Have him get between your legs, lift his erect penis and stroke it along the folds of your wet vagina, hold him pay attention to your swollen clitoris as he drags it up. If you allow him too do this long adequate and apply moderate pressure with his penis, you will orgasm so strong you will squirt.

I'm not sure im not pregnant.?

It is harder for a female to make an orgasm. They need more stimulation than a guy. So report him, or show him, you need more fore play. That may comfort. Females are VERY good at fake it. If he cares nearly you at all he will try to trademark sure you get yours also. That in that is a sign of a good lover.

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you aught to buy some vigel it is a women form of viagra which you rub on you minge you can acquire some on check it out its quality

What do multiple orgasms consistency like?

Don't tell stories to him about have an orgasm, he will eventually find out and be hurt.
It is a fact that plentiful women don't have orgasms during intercourse because the penis basically doesn't always touch the trigger points. Use a small egg vibrator on your cli**ris during access and you will achieve one.

I'm bad of DEPO birth control, what is going on?

Why don't you want him to know? He needs to know so he can adjust his technique so you will enjoy an orgasm.
If he don't care or don't know how, you should gain rid of him.

do depo shots make your butt bigger?

Ride HIM and steal control of the situation. Instead of UP AND DOWN, try sliding so your clitoris gets like mad of attention.
(married 38 years and have be taught well)

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