GF says never had an Orgasm?

MY GF says she's never have an orgasm. She's 35 and we've been dating for over 6 years. She say she enjoys sex, but of late no orgasm. Is that normal? Is it possible that some women never hold orgasms? Your advice is appreciated.

Is this because of the IUD or something else?

I dont orgasm during sex, but still love it and surface satisfied. I receive a massive high from it and i relish that more than an orgasm.
Try oral clitoral stimulation, it works wonders

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mabee she just doesnt no that she have had one?

i hold an oral fetish i love to go down.i dont want to be pleased contained by return unless she wants to?

i estimate she would no if she had one. And this is totally conventional alot of woman cant organsim but maybe you should try doing a few extra things for her

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IF she wants to transform, you can help her. There are books on the subject. I would look for anything by Masters & Johnson. There's also a terrific book call, "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm" which will teach you how to lend a hand her have an orgasm, and how you can increase down your orgasms to several minutes.

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You have need of to make her be on top. Have her do the work to what feel good for her. She is going to hold to use her "girl muscels" and work it. Almost like a Keegal Excercise but while doing it. Has she ever have one at all?? Try focusing on lately her and what feels polite for her.

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I've never had one next to a man ..just myself ...its different for women later it is with men .women guess toooo much. =)

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Yes it does happen, but it's not conventional. She needs to discuss this beside her doctor and if everything is functional you both may need to see a sexual psychoanalyst to help you to delight her to orgasm. Some women are said to be frigid if they are unable to bring about orgasm but it can be over come. Good luck.

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y'all get to stop worrying about it. shes uptight, your uptight and it ain't occurring. play, play, play and have her school you how to get her to that moment.

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yes that's true.not that your not doing right.i'm a 33 year old woman and sometimes i don't enjoy one because i feel ashamed my boyfriend of 8 years other ask me did i .well she will surrounded by time don't worry .except see if she will visit sex psychiatric therapist to help her take to mean her body more. what matters is your going 6 years her even though this.she's normal or you would not hold dated her for 6 years.good luck to you and her.

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it is fairly everyday, but it is typically correctable. You can do your part by reading a book, or going on to a website of a sex-specialist, or even lately asking how you are doing in bed and having her permit you know if there is anything that she really enjoy, or would enjoy you doing, However, for most women fulfilment, sexually speaking, is typically found without orgasm, as the release of sperm be much more strongly sexually selected for contained by human and mammalian evolution as more often consequently not it leads to pregnancy and the endorsement on of the trait, whereas the convulsion of muscles in the females groin along beside he secretion of typically a small amount of natural lubricant and a slow release of endorphins for 5-300 minutes after the orgasm have absolutely nil to do with getting pregnant, and thus be neither sexually selected for or against. Just put together sure that she is enjoying her sexual experience and try to come to a mutual realization that an orgasm is not as sexually critical to the feminine experience as it is to the male experience.

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Next time your having sex do it doggy style, you know own her bend over, with her hand in front of her, and win behind her and report her not in the but, but of late normal, but do it really really hasty, until you just can't do it any more, exadgerate it, and verbs it all the path it and all the route out, so it is like within fast foward motion!

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What a perfect boyfriend you are for asking... hopefully you'll want to help her through the in one piece process of finding "it".
Here's my attempt at an answer...

She would know it if she had one.
Is it common? Hard to say.
It may be possible that some women never own them but that would probably have a medical explanation...(I've hear of something like the clitoris have skin covering it so it isn't as sensitive.)

It's difficult for most women to achieve orgasm near just straight'd hold to hit the G spot like adjectives the time and for regular guys it's difficult to maintain that characteristics of endurance.

My guidance, get to the library or the book store and read up on that from the "sexperts" or check out websites from distinguished doctors like Dr. Ruth or Sue Johanson or Dr. Drew.
Check out some soft porn or women produced porn (not obnoxious, hard core stuff) and view it with your GF for some accepted wisdom...and communicating likes and dislikes will be drastically helpful.

Your GF may require lots of foreplay and repartee which can be fun and exciting (something to the effect is said that 90% of sex is in the brain). Be prepared to do cunnilingus for more than '5 minutes' and get her to report you what feels awesome. She should also swot more about herself next to your help...your tongue and hand. Maybe describe your experience to it feels when you climax.
This will nouns weird too... suggest she empty her bladder before sex so if she's 'close' to orgasm she won't consistency paranoid that she has the mild fancy of having to pee.

You may own to visit a sex shop to find some toy to support things along too... it depends on what she likes or is predisposed to try...start small like a tiny clitoris vibrator that can be used when she's on top.

Just be consideration, very long-suffering, tell her she's superb and mean it... carry her to relax if that's a problem...tell her to stop putting pressure on herself too if that's an issue.

Deep breathing help too... sounds a little silly but it help. She could also picture herself having an orgasm. Tell her to not 'chicken out' if she feel close to orgasm and just relax and agree to it happen.

Hope this help... I'm trying to think of adjectives the advice I've hear on TV shows.
Maybe orgasms are as individual as people. So it's difficult to suggest specifics... I surmise your best bet is research and trial (& error).

Good luck to you both!

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Some women enjoy never learned to hold an orgasm. Women are born with the dimensions for orgasms, but unlike men, they do have to swot how. In addition, a woman's brain is hardwired for one expert type of orgasm, so that a woman who has one earth-shattering orgasm can never enjoy multiple orgasms. Yes, I know the "experts" in Cosmo, etc claim otherwise, but you'll concentration that none of them is a medical professional. The medical professionals who specialize in sexuality issues know that this is not the truth.

I'm giving you some links for both you and your gf to read. Some of these hold lists of books that will also assistance. And just as a reminder, THE organ for sexual pleasure for a woman is the clitoris, and it's not that close to the vagina. That may oblige her, and it may help you to assistance her.

From the sounds of things, you want her to be able to orgasm. You can't impart her an orgasm (and she can't give you one, either) but a partner can and does relieve to set the mood and to facilitate the other's orgasm. You want to help her, and that's a great start.

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I am indistinguishable way as your GF, but it is probably because the men I hold slept with only suck at having sex and are sloppy and only worry going on for pleasuring themselves. They think if they are pleasuring themselves, afterwards the girl must be into it too. I suggest getting closer to her as to what makes her orgasm. Has she ever be able to orgasm while masturbating?

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