Do you have to be a virgin to get the vaccine for cervical cancer?

Do you have to be a virgin, or sexually influential to get the vaccine for cervical cancer? or it doesn't issue...


You can't have HPV and you own to be between the ages of 9 and 26.

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I'd like to know that as resourcefully. My family history...yeah, almost every feminine except my mother has be diagnosed. Sorry I can't anwser your question, but I hope you and I bring back a response.

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It doesn't matter whether you're sexually stirring or a virgin.

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You must be a virgin.

HPV is almost ubiquitous, so the one and only women who can be certain that they haven't be exposed are virgins. It can't protect someone who have already been exposed.

That's why the governor of Texas requirements to make this vaccine mandatory for young at heart girls in his state. That's also why, at lowest in Ontario, it's just available for females aged 11 - 26. At least, that's what I overheard surrounded by my doctor's office (from the admin) newly a few days ago.

I don't like the model of a upper age limit though. Some women choose to abstain, for anything reason, for longer than that. Imagine, if you will, a devoutly religious Catholic girl, who remains a virgin throughout HS and college, and next enters a convent. BUt at 27 (or later), she realize that this is not her calling, and leaves the convent. Why should she not also be protected by this vaccine? Why should a woman of whatever age not be protected by this vaccine if she have never been exposed to HPV? It's a trial vaccine, and there will be some women who are above the required age stricture, who will still benefit from the vaccine. Why should they not get it?

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im not sure that it matter.

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it dosent matter, even if you enjoy it, it can still prevent the other types of HPV.

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It doesn't event. The reason it is anyone recommended for younger girls is so that they can get the vaccine earlier they do become sexually active and can as a consequence be protected from the very naissance.

There are 4 strains of hpv that cause 98% of adjectives cervical cancer cases. The vaccine protects against those 4 strains, including the two strains that cause genital wart. If you've already had sex, you can still return with the vaccine to protect you during future sexual act or partners. If you hold one of the strains before getting the vaccine, you should still get the vaccine to protect you from the other strains and fall your risk of cervical cancer later surrounded by life.

Over 90% of the World's population have some strain of sexually transmitted hpv. It's something that has be around since the beginning of mankind and it's something we can't nonetheless cure. To protect yourself, I would strongly recommend getting the vaccine whenever you can.

Best of luck!

PS. After reading another response on here, the reason nearby is an upper age limit of 26 be that during clinical trials for the drug, we could not find enough childlike women above the age of 24 that did not have any strains of hpv. Most women today own at least one strain of hpv that can lead to cervical cancer by the time they are 26. That's also another reason why it is recommended for younger women - so that they can be protected earlier they, too, catch hpv.

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No, you absolutely do NOT enjoy to be a virgin. Having had sex does not anticipate that you have be exposed to one of the dangerous types of HPV... and since Gardasil (the vaccine) truly attacks four HPV variants, you can still acquire some benefit from it even if you've been exposed to one of them. You shouldn't seize it if you're planning to become pregnant while on it (the vaccine is given over the course of six months), but previous sexual activity does not disqualify you.

It really irks me when population post misinformation on here.

I am a virgin.?

As long as you dont have HPV you can go and get the vaccine, i was offered it at my obgyn appt after have 3 kids. here is how it works hpv is sexually transmitted, almost all women will have hpv at some point in in that lives, here is what i found

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the cause of cervical cancer. Although other factor like smoking can contribute to your risk, most experts agree that the presence of a high-risk type of HPV is basic.

The HPV virus is very adjectives. However, in most associates, the body's immune system fights rotten or suppresses the virus before it cause problems.

When an HPV infection doesn't go away on its own, in no doubt types of HPV that are "high-risk" can cause cell change that may develop into cervical cancer if not detected and treated hasty.

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It doesn't thing.

But, don't get the vaccine. It's not worth it because it doesn't completely protect you.

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