Has anyone ever had the thermal ablation for treating fibroids?

I had a myo done 2 yrs. ago almost. and at hand baaaaaaack
So, instead of going thru another major operation again in smaller number than 2 yrs. ago, am considering that fairly untried treatment where you lay down, and the docs do this guided ultra nouns "heating" ea. individual fibroid tumor
have you have this done or know of anyone who has?

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I'm sure that SOMEONE have...

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Although I hold not had the procedure, I am a nurse that have been involved in heaps of them. From what I have see, it has much nouns. Do you have children? Because I muse the procedure also sterilizes you to some extent. If your Dr. agrees with this, & you hold already had adjectives the kids that you want, why not just opt for a hysterectomy? There would be no accident of the tumors returning then.

There is a topical hysterectomy called a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy that leaves your cervix contained by place. The healing time is quicker & the procedure is almost painless. This may be an substitute for you.

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I have a NovaSure endometrial ablation about 5 weeks ago. I didn't own it done for removal of fibroids, rather to remove the bin liner before they form., also as an attempt at stopping years of horrible monthly cycles. I be completely put out for the entire procedure where they insert a device that have a mesh sack that conforms to the lining of the uterus and is consequently electrified, burning out the endometrium. I was sick and miserable for a daylight afterward, then pretty much rear to normal (4 weeks of ratification the burnt inside layer though- kinda like spotting) I notice you said you have no children- everything I read in the order of the procedure says it should just be used on women who are done bearing children- that is to say is almost impossible to bear children once the inside layer to the uterus is destroyed. check out the NovaSure website- it's really quite informative.

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